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Hair Transplantation – AHT

Hair transplantation is a microsurgical process that can vary depending on the method being applied. The most popular method is the method of individually transferring follicles, professionally called FUE (Follicular Unit Extract), and the most advanced method is AHT (Advance Hair Transplantation).

Why AHT Hair Transplant?

The AHT method of hair transplantation was created by improving of the FUE, and later DHI methods, following the latest technical achievements and trends in the hair transplant domain and applying them. At the ISHRS world congresses, innovative methods are presented twice a year and show different research. We aim to use the latest equipment and methods following the world trends in hair transplantation.

About us

After many years of experience, AHT technique presents the possibility of a painless procedure that yields natural results and the least invasive method that is being applied today.


Comparison of hair transplant methods

Comparison of hair transplantation methods has always been of great importance to clients from around the world who want to make the best choice for the hair transplant procedure. International certificates, rewards and satisfied patients are synonymous for the AHT hair transplantation method.



PRP – Platelet Rich Plasma

PRP and ACP are methods used in hair transplantation, as part of regenerative therapy, to accelerate physiological processes that aim to quickly and efficiently cure tissue and hair growth. The difference in the PRP and ACP method is in the platelet-rich plasma-derived process.



transplatacija kose
Methods of transplantation

Hair transplantation methods, after many years of practice, have proved to be the only effective methods throughout the world.



The mathematical aspect of hair transplantation

By coming to the clinic for consultative examination, by using a special camera and software, we will determine the density of hair per square centimeter, if we need to do the estimate of the donor part, and then suggest what is needed for further treatment.


History of hair transplantation

The history begins with the Japanese dermatologist Dr Okud, who published the revolutionary method in the medical journal, using small instruments similar to today's instruments that are being applied. Not only for hair transplantation, but also for brows, beard and mustache as well as other areas where hair is present.



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Testimonials from our satisfied customers

Ivan Pjevaljčić

Hair transplantation in your office is like some great car that shines with its features and capabilities. I did not even know how to set up a frontal line, but with your help everything looks even more than beautiful. I’m really grateful to you.

Vladimir Cvetković

I want to thank the friendly staff. They paid a lot of attention to me throughout the entire hair transplant process, and the result that came in the end is very impressive. Once again, in public, thank you.

Milorad Ivanović

I came from a neighboring state and didn’t have enough local currency with me. I wanted to hurry and pay during that day but I got a surprising answer that I could bring it tomorrow. It was a pleasant surprise to me. Wish you lots of luck in future work.

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