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Modern hair transplantation method - blog

Hair loss on seals, Alopecia


Alopecia is unpredictable!


Alopecia areata and how it affects the quality of life and self-confidence of a person. Alopecia areata is one of the most common autoimmune conditions. The pathology of this chronic hair disorder has not yet been fully studied. In a large number of patients, alopecia areata is associated with an increased risk of other autoimmune diseases.

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What celebrities say about us and our results


Patient experiences and comments are very important!


The doctor must be professional and clear, without telling the patient what he wants to hear, because such misinformation eventually leads to disappointment. The patient should be acquainted with the situation on the head, work techniques and all phases after the hair transplant, what results to expect and more.

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The Formula 1 driver did a hair transplant using the AHT method


JP De Oliveira is a Brazilian professional formula driver!


Test driver of Formula 1, Japanese F3 & German F3 champion.
What JP de Oliveira wrote after the AHT hair transplant procedure; read on the dedication he wrote by hand. He is very satisfied and returns to his obligations, and another satisfied patient remains behind us.

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Causes of failed hair transplantation


The quality and experience of the doctor are very important!


Before each operation, concern is a natural reaction of people, and especially before the aesthetic one. If you decide to have a FUE hair transplant, you must be informed about the procedure of the intervention itself. You may encounter problems and it would be helpful to familiarize yourself with them so that you can prevent them. Read some of the useful tips below.

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Frontal hairline, ideal line


Front line as a sign of masculinity


Thick hair has always been something that adorns both women and men. For men, it was a sign of masculinity, and for women, the reason why men and women turn on the street. The front line of the hair gives the structure of the face, and by pulling the front line it leaves the impression of sudden aging.

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A famous presenter did an AHT hair transplant


Dr. Filip Ivanjac transplanted his hair


Many celebrities have undergone hair transplant treatment. Well-known host Dr. Filip Ivanjac in his show "Doctor for You" hosted Vladimir Cvetkovic (owner of the AHT license) and Dr. Tanja Radenkov and they say about the hair transplant...


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The first seminar on hair transplantation in the region


The first seminar in the region on hair transplantation by the AHT team

The first seminar on hair transplantation in the region was recently held. Dr. Tanja Radenkov, who won the award at Oxford, held a seminar on innovation and technology.

The seminar focused on hair transplantation, examination and diagnosis.

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Cicatricial alopecia - permanent hair loss


In this text, read all about permanent hair loss


Cicatricial alopecia belongs to the group of rare but serious hair loss disorders and unfortunately leads to permanent hair loss. Cicatricial alopecia is a disorder also known as "scarring alopecia".


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Causes of early baldness in men


Why my hair is falling out

This is the most common question that plagues men in their early 30s and even 20s. The most common problem of early hair loss in men is a hereditary factor, genetics. The gene that causes hair loss is located on chromosome 7, which means that hair loss can be inherited by both parents, while it was once thought that weak hair is inherited from the mother.

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Hair transplantation provides a youthful appearance


Hair transplantation provides a youthful appearance

One study involved 122 volunteers, 58 men and 64 women. The researchers gave the volunteers 13 pairs of photos - seven were men before and after the hair transplant, while the other 6 were men who did not undergo the procedure. They found that in addition to a youthful appearance, men look more successful and approachable after the procedure.
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