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Modern hair transplantation method - blog

Is it cheaper and of better quality?

A hair transplant that nearly cost him his life

Is it possible to trust Turkish medicine, more precisely numerous hair transplant clinics?

In answer to this question, we can take the case of a thirty-five-year-old who went for a hair transplant in Turkey in Istanbul, to the Arenamed clinic, in February 2018.

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Tinea Capitis - scalp infection

Tinea capitis

Tinea Capitis (Tinea-Moth, Capillitium-Scalp) is a dermatophyte infection of the scalp, caused by T. tonsurans. This infection can cause an epidemic, and the most common patients are children. Tinea Capitis mainly causes the appearance of dry round areas that are covered with scales and can cause alopecia.

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Seborrheic dermatitis, what is it?


Seborrheic dermatitis disease

Seborrheic dermatitis or seborrhea is a disease that appears on the skin of the face and head and causes dandruff. You will best recognize seborrheic dermatitis by being accompanied by redness and itching. Seborrhea can be of varying intensity.


Seborrheic dermatitis is not the same as common dandruff.

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Trichology is a branch of dermatology



Trichology is a branch of dermatology that deals with the examination of hair health on a scientific basis. So, when we consider that one of the skin derivatives is the hair follicle, the living part of the hair is located deep in the middle layer of the skin called the dermis.

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PCOS as a cause of hair loss

What is hereditary baldness?


If you have been wondering what is one of the main and most common patterns of hair loss in women, the answer is PCOS (Polycystic ovary syndrome). In addition to many factors, the cause of hair loss is hidden in the male hormone, and it is the hormone "Testosterone".

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What is the structure of hair and what does hair consist of?


What does hair consist of?

The dream of every woman (even a man) is beautiful and healthy hair, and when it falls out, people often despair. Cracked ends and dull hair are a mirror of your health. Frequent hair washing and the use of expensive detergents will not recover your hair. You have to look at the problem from the very beginning, and the beginning of the problem is in the hair.

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What is androgenic alopecia?


Alopecia is present in every other man up to the age of 50!


The first signs of androgenic alopecia usually appear earlier. In every other man up to the age of 50, and in women up to the age of 60. Androgenic alopecia is thinning hair, gradual, declining until complete baldness. Male sex hormone is the most common cause of alopecia in men.


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Hair loss on seals, Alopecia


Alopecia is unpredictable!


Alopecia areata and how it affects the quality of life and self-confidence of a person. Alopecia areata is one of the most common autoimmune conditions. The pathology of this chronic hair disorder has not yet been fully studied. In a large number of patients, alopecia areata is associated with an increased risk of other autoimmune diseases.

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What celebrities say about us and our results


Patient experiences and comments are very important!


The doctor must be professional and clear, without telling the patient what he wants to hear, because such misinformation eventually leads to disappointment. The patient should be acquainted with the situation on the head, work techniques and all phases after the hair transplant, what results to expect and more.

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The Formula 1 driver did a hair transplant using the AHT method


JP De Oliveira is a Brazilian professional formula driver!


Test driver of Formula 1, Japanese F3 & German F3 champion.
What JP de Oliveira wrote after the AHT hair transplant procedure; read on the dedication he wrote by hand. He is very satisfied and returns to his obligations, and another satisfied patient remains behind us.

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