Hair transplantation with the latest AHT method is a completely painless procedure. During hair transplantation, there is no swelling, as well after procedure when the effect of local anesthetics is gone.
Chest hair grows slower to a certain length. It is a great solution for people with a weak donor region at the head.

Applying the most modern innovations, the AHT hair transplant method is a treatment in which individual hair follicles from donor regions are implanted in the wanted area. Donor regions are usually the lateral and back part of the head. However, patients with a weak donor region use hair from the chest. Analysis shows that men who have problems with hair loss have a lot of hair at the chest. Studies also shows that men with hair loss have stronger hair around chin area.

Our team of AHT experts, was doing extraction of the follicles from the chest to the part where the hair is lost. As with the hair transplant from the beard, this procedure first requires the mathematical calculation. We make estimation of donor area to determine how much the follicle can be extracted. During the procedure, the diameter of the instrument is between 0.8 to 1.0 millimeters, rarely use different diameter.

See the following link for the hair transplant process.

After implantation, a PRP treatment with blood plasma is required, which stimulates growth and strengthening of the hair. By applying PRP treatment it also reduces the fallout rate. To see how a PRP treatment for hair transplant looks like, take a look at the following video.

More about AHT hair transplantation method: Hair Transplantation AHT method is a painless procedure that will provide you with natural results without any pain or visible scars. It represents the least invasive method that is being applied today.