Using the AHT method of hair transplantation, Dr. Tanja Radenkov was awarded for the prestigious international health award “Best Medical Practice 2018” in Hair Transplantation field. The award ceremony was held at the most prestigious English – Oxford University, and the award was awarded by the president of the European Medical Association (EMA) – Dr. Vincenzo Costigliola.

The award is also for an excellent reputation, the application of safe and effective methods of treatment, highly professional medical personnel, as well as modern equipment. This award was won by clinics and doctors whose professionalism is confirmed not only by formal standards but also by trust of patients.

“We recognize physicians with professional experience that move the boundaries of medicine. Doctor Tanja Radenkov was given recognition for the high standards she set up with her work,” said Dr. Costigliola, and emphasized that it will be an honor for him to be part of the team that will take part in the formation of a new medical body and the introduction of universal world health passport.

The award we received is a confirmation that Serbian doctors keep up with the world trends and lead in hair transplantation high standards, quality and final result.

“We are honored that we have been declared the best. This award is the result of continuous investment in knowledge and aspirations to be the best in our business. In the work we respect the highest medical standards, when it comes to hair transplantation, the Advanced Hair Transplantation Method, increase a percentage of transplantation success over 90%. This is way more than any other method with honest research based on 200 patients. Satisfied patients and their trust, show us the confirmation is that our efforts are recognized,” said Dr. Radenkov, who also gave a lecture on the topic of “The latest methods of hair transplantation” at the University of Oxford.