AHT method and Dr.Radenkov are candidates for the prestigious award Best Medical Practice at the University of Oxford.

Thanks to AHT methods and outstanding results in hair transplantation, we have been nominated by the president of the EMA (European Medical Association).

The president of EMA, Dr. Vincenzo Costigliola, expressed his wish that the AHT team comes to England. AHT method of hair transplantation will present innovations by using Bio elements to improve better result.

After the presentation of the AHT method and the results, we hope to take this prestigious recognition to Serbia. Ones AHT method is awarded we will organize seminars as well as education for hair transplantation.

AHT team in Oxford

– We are honored that we are candidates for such an important award, which puts us side by side with the best colleagues from all over Europe. AHT, (Advanced Hair Transplantation) the method we apply, gives a percentage of hair transplantation success over 90%. It implies monitoring, development and application of the highest medical standards in the field of hair transplantation. There is some advantages in relation to other methods. Some of them are: the quality of the instruments, the handling of follicles, best PRP separators in each procedure. The most important is the application of the ATPv BIO element, which increases the vitality and stability of the follicles.

This award for the AHT method, as well for all of us, is a great honor and a reason for the trip to England next month. Dr. Tanja Radenkov at the University of Oxford will hold a lecture on the topic of “The Most Recent Hair Transplant Method”. At the presentation, we will present method advantages during procedure, our researches and the results achieved with the AHT method.