Video message in English and German

Another patient, satisfied with the AHT method, gave his opinion in German and English. Here is what he said about his experience. “I’m very happy that I had my procedure. For patients who might benefit from hair transplantation, I gladly “reveal” my procedure and discuss my good experience with AHT. I spoke with some hair transplant surgeons who had experience… ”

“…with different methods of hair transplantation and they are all impressed with AHT service, results, staff, professionalism and personal touch. I have visited several clinics and done research to know which option is best for me and which method gives the best results. In addition to my research, I went on the recommendation of my acquaintance, who was also very satisfied. After the whole procedure, it is obvious that I had no reason to doubt where I would do the procedure. My recommendation is to always choose a clinic that has international awards, follows world innovations and participates in congresses. There is no doubt that I made the right choice and I want to share my good choice with others.”

Listen to his video testimonial!

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