Hair Density in Hair Transplantation is one of the most important factors for the natural appearance. If your hair has fallen out or is getting thinner, it’s very difficult to improve it naturally. There are various shampoos and lotions, but this is mostly a preventive measure in the initial stage of hair loss. Hair transplant with the latest AHT method is the only permanent solution for hair loss (reduced hair density). A hair loss problem is encountered by as many as 70% of men.

Many of them perceive this as an aesthetic problem of what it really is, since losing hair is not a health issue. The AHT hair transplantation method is the most modern method used today in the Balkans. The AHT team was the first in Serbia and the region to produce a single follicular transfer method (more commonly known as FUE and DHI), which for eight years has given the best results in hair transplantation. By improving the FUE and DHI methods, the AHT method was created which, by the end performance, is far better than all the other methods that are being applied today. Our team of experts, using the latest hair transplant technique, will solve your hair loss problem forever. Thanks to a specially designed instrument, the application of the AHT hair transplant method allows for a completely natural appearance of the hair, without trauma on the skin and without pain, which is often associated with other methods that are the predecessor of this method.

Before the procedure, it is necessary to carry out a specialist examination at our clinic in order to determine the density of the hair, as well as the number of follicles to be replaced.

It is known that the human head has about 120 square centimeters, which is approximately about 100,000 hairs. In a follicle, there is an average of 2.2 hairs, of course, that number sometimes varies. In order to achieve a natural appearance, before the procedure, it is extremely important to pay attention not only to the angle but also to the density of hair that is enabled by special instruments. Special instruments are not the only factor but professionally trained personnel handling it, as well as the experience of a doctor who performs the AHT procedure.

How to determine the density of hair?

The density of the hair per square centimeter is first determined by examination. The most up-to-date device is used – a camera that is software-connected to a computer and which provides accurate information about the region in which the hair is thinner. After accurate information about the density of the hair per square centimeter, the mathematical calculation or the mathematical aspect of the whole region is followed (if necessary). The examination determines how much can be extracted from the follicle without damaging the donor part. During the AHT procedure, a 0.8 mm up to 1.0 millimeters thick punch (an instrument for extracting follicles) is used, and other diameters are also combined if necessary. An adequate implant is used with an adequate implanter, which serves to direct the new follicle to the place that is determined by the assessment done in the clinic without damage. In this way, we achieve almost a natural density of 70 up to 100 hair per square centimeter. Hair density per square centimeter depends on the skin type.

The implanted hair must keep the distance between the existing follicles so that they do not damage the implant. During the procedure, PRP is a blood plasma treatment that stimulates growth and strengthening of the hair, and also reduces the decrease. What the PRP treatment for hair transplants look like, see in the next video.

More about AHT hair transplantation method:

Hair Transplantation AHT method is a painless procedure that will provide you with natural results without any pain or visible scars. It represents the least invasive method that is being applied today.