Advanced FUE Method – How to determine if a person is suitable for hair transplantation? It’s not so difficult. Whether you are a good candidate for transplantation depends on the degree of hair loss. There are situations where this level is not sufficient to undergo surgery; you have to lose even more hair to get a good transplant result. If you are subject to procedures in the initial phase of the loss, the result will be better and more natural. Therefore, you should contact your doctor as soon as you notice hair loss.

In a person has been losing hair for a long time and the region is completely cleared, the transplanted hair will not be effective. Also, if you do not have a satisfactory amount of donor hair, all the chances are that you will have to look for other options. Hair transplantation is a procedure that can change your life, but there are also cases where a person who wishes to undergo this procedure is not a good candidate. Before the transplant operation, it is necessary to obtain the history of the disease and all information on the hereditary factors. The patient needs to be explained what the surgical procedure and the post-operative phase are. You need to do a medical examination, during which your doctor will do the necessary tests.

Successful / unsuccessful hair transplantation

If you do not have enough hair follicles to extract from the donor area, after surgery, you can face hair thinning on the back of your head. A key role in successful / unsuccessful hair transplantation is the reason that caused hair loss. Your doctor during examination, will evaluate and diagnose what caused hair loss. The reason for losing hair is very important. It can also be stress, so losing hair is not always permanent. During the medical examination, these elements will be evaluated and detailed assessments will be made in determining your benefit for transplantation and for obtaining successful results.