Hair transplantation is a surgical treatment in which individual hair follicles are extracted from the donor region, or parts of the head where it has the highest number of hairs, and implanted in the wanted area.
These are usually the lateral and the back part of the head. However, in situations where the donor region is poor, which is very often, beard and hair from chest is used.

Modern AHT method of hair transplantation

At our clinic, using the most modern AHT method of hair transplantation, we performed the extraction of the follicles from the beard. After extraction we implant hair where the hair is needed. Prior to the procedure, is to made a mathematical calculation to determine how much the follicle can be extracted. Ones we have this information we automatically know how to kept good chin hair density during extraction. During the procedure, mostly we used instruments between 0.8- or 1.0-mm diameters, not bigger diameter.

The second stage of beard hair transplantation is follicle implantation. It is done in almost the same manner as in the standard hair transplant procedure from the conventional donor region. There is just slightly different follicles handling. On a sample bellow we used LION implanters and 300 follicles were extracted from the beard. The rest was taken for the back donor part of the head.

After implantation, a PRP treatment with blood plasma is required, which stimulates growth and strengthening of the hair. In addition studies PRP treatment decreases hair loss and helps stabilize new follicle. And what a PRP treatment for hair transplant looks like, see the next video.

As a mandatory protection after transplantation, the antiseptic Fusidic Acid cream is recommended, which is applied to the parts of the chin from which the follicles are taken.

More about AHT hair transplantation method: Hair Transplantation AHT method is a painless procedure that will provide you with natural results without any pain or visible scars. It represents the least invasive method that is being applied today.