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Frequently asked questions and answers about hair transplantation

How to start and get in touch?

Most patients say the same thing, "If I knew it would be this easy, I would have come much earlier." We certainly recommend that you read the positive experiences of our clients in various forums to find out more about improving the physical and psychological state after hair transplantation with the AHT method. We suggest that you first come to the clinic in order to do a consultative examination and determine the factual situation, such as: the scope of the intervention, the number of hairs per square centimeter and the cost of the procedure based on the degree of baldness. There is no reason to delay and hesitate to come to the clinic and take the first step to make your hair look better. The hair follicle behavior over time is genetically programmed. In case you have genetic predispositions of hair loss, your hair will fall off, however, AHT hair transplant method can compensate for the follicles that have fallen off. If you are able to email us the photos, we will be happy to send you an offer FREE OF CHARGE, with an estimation of what needs to be done and how much it will cost.

What is the difference between the new follicles and those that have fallen off and will the newly implanted hair fall off since we implant it to the same place?

Follicles that are selected and implanted are not genetically programmed to fall off so it is said that the follicles that are implanted later last for a life time. The hair follicles that are taken from the side and back of the head are 5 times stronger and more resistant, which makes them ideal for relocation into the part where the hair is thinning. Follicles retain their properties, which means that you can regularly cut, dye, and treat the implanted hair like other hair that is not implanted.

How to treat implanted hair after transplantation?

There is no special care for newly implanted follicles except for the first few days until the follicle becomes stable. A physiological solution is sprayed every hour, except when you are sleeping, in order to maintain moisture and make the follicle come to life. Skin hydration is the most important factor in the first 72 hours after the intervention. After that you start to wash your hair according to the instructions "Behavior in the postoperative course" that you receive from us.

My hair on the frontline has thinned, should I wait until I am completely bald?

The hair follicles implantation systematically restores the hair's density and you do not have to wait to completely lose your hair. It's much better if you get in touch with us while the process is at an early stage and before you let your hair fall off completely. If necessary, a partial area that is going to thin out in perspective because of the regular hair loss due to aging, can always be replaced. Most often, hair transplantation is done and it is not necessary to do any other intervention, while sometimes it happens that the hair continues to fall off after some time, so it is necessary to replace other hairs that have fallen off. If you undergo an AHT procedure in time, it will not come to complete baldness.

Is the AHT method expensive in comparison to other hair transplant methods and what is the difference?

AHT has the most innovative, most efficient and best available technology in terms of price-quality ratio. We recommend our patients to conduct their own research on all hair transplantation methods. Our price reflects the quality of treatment, compared to various FUE, FUT painful techniques, which can have an unnatural result. We are the first clinic that introduced the method of direct hair implantation, more commonly known as DHI in the region in 2007. After years of experience and training in 2015, AHT (Advance Hair Transplantation) method, which involves the use of bio elements in the procedure itself, was created. This increases the level of success compared to all other hair transplant methods, which directly reflects on the end result.
- We are the only clinic with accreditation for the training of other doctors in hair transplantation, which speaks of our experience as "pioneers" in hair transplantation throughout the region.
- We are the only clinic in the region that has a registered method of hair transplantation (AHT) (Advance Hair Transplantation) in the Ministry of Health.
- We are the only clinic to receive an invitation from the President of the European Medical Association (EMA), Dr Vicenzo Costigliola, to hold a lecture at Oxford and receive the "Best Medical Practice in Hair Transplant 2018" in May.
Since it's an investment for the whole life, the money you invest is not wasted.

Will I have a completely natural look with the newly implanted hair?

AHT method is a revolutionary technique with amazing results. As the transplanted follicles grow, you will not be able to see the difference between your natural and transplanted hair. Of course, your hair will no longer be thick and have the fullness as in your teenage years, but your transplanted follicles will grow healthy, like natural hair. Even if you have significantly thinned hair and a large surface that has become bald, this method will cover it well, but one should certainly be realistic in their expectations.

How thick will my new hair be?

When transplanting hair, several factors are taken into account. One of the most important factors is the distance of the follicles. Natural density per square centimeter is between 80 and 120 hairs. The number of hairs recommended for implantation in every centimeter is between 50 and 70 (depending on the type of skin) which is certainly less than the natural hair density. This number of hairs is really satisfying and it looks completely natural. The follicles can be placed at about 1 millimeter apart, thereby achieving a density of at least 60 hairs per square centimeter, which is about the same as the density of the natural hair before it began to fall off intensely. It is only in the second procedure that it is possible to achieve a higher density than 60 hair per square centimeter. If the follicles are implanted too close to the existing ones, which have not fallen off, the hairs that have not been predisposed to fall off might be damaged and lost. Therefore, it must be ensured that the desired density is not exaggerated in the first intervention.

Will I have to take a few days off after the intervention?

You will not have to take a leave of absence from the job due to hair transplantation using the AHT method. The day after the intervention you will be able to return to work and to your everyday life if the work does not require greater physical strain. If your work involves certain physical strain, then follow the instructions you receive from us, which relate to post-operative behavior, where you return to regular duties in a few days.

Are there any side effects of this treatment and what are they?

Infections are completely avoided because the instruments used in the AHT procedure are thrown away after use. With each new patient, we use a new set of instruments so that the possibility of infection is completely avoided. Some patients may experience redness due to irritation of the skin in the head area, which is relieved by using Betadine medical shampoo once daily for 4 days. During this period, it is important not to use other shampoos or hair products.
The local anesthetic sometimes (but very rarely) can cause swelling on the forehead, which lasts for 3-4 days after the intervention. Certainly there is no pain, and only 3% of patients experience this side effect. Massaging the forehead from the center to the sides is one way of making the swelling go down faster.
It is possible that newly placed hairs, located in the follicular units, start to fall off within 4-8 weeks after the intervention. Do not be frightened by this, because it is a normal phase in the growth process. After one hair falls off, a new growth cycle begins, which will be noticeable within 2-4 months. The full effect will be visible between 8-12 months after intervention.

Will the area from which the follicles are taken be noticeably damaged?

The area from which the follicles are extracted will not be visibly damaged. First, a mathematical calculation of the donor area is made, when the exact number of follicles to be extracted is determined, and the hair in the area will not be visibly thinner. The hair extractor is minimally invasive and the healing is extremely fast. No one will be able to notice that you have been subjected to this treatment as early as one week after the procedure has been completed. In older and more primitive methods, the scars were permanent, which is the opposite of the AHT method.

Will people around me notice that I was subjected to hair transplant treatment?

The first few days after the intervention, small red spots will be visible on the donor and receiving area. They will gradually fade and disappear completely in a few days. In the front region of the head, where the hair is most often implanted, the redness lasts only 3 to 4 days. Better blood flow to the front region as well as the use of lotions after the procedure provide advantage in the recovery compared to the donor area. Depending on the type of skin, after a period of 7 to 10 days, there are no more visible signs on either the donor or the receiving area.

What can I expect during my hair transplantation intervention?

Every client (without exception) gets a VIP service, and all our employees will be devoted to making you feel comfortable. During the procedure we can take a break, you can use the toilet any time, even get a nap. The entire intervention is done under local anesthesia, so you will be able to talk to us at any time of the intervention. In addition, you will be shown how your follicles are placed so you can influence the look.

Is the AHT method painful?

The procedure is almost painless and does not cause irritation. All in all, the entire intervention ends within a few hours. The gauze is placed only on the area from which the hair is donated (donor area), so that our patients leave looking almost the same as when they came to the clinic. The gauze is removed tomorrow morning and you start with washing the back (donor) area. The instrument used to extract hair follicles provides a record-breaking quick recovery and painless procedure.

When will the growth of new, transplanted hairs begin and how is the hair washed after the transplantation?

Transplanted hair follicles will be visible immediately after the procedure. Depending on the speed at which the capillaries form around new follicular units that are moved to another place, the hair will soon begin to grow. It's usually a 3-day period, after which the follicle becomes stable and hair starts to grow, which is when you start to wash your hair. At the beginning, 72 hours after the procedure (3 days), when you wash your hair avoid rubbing it with your nails and start washing gradually. Use your fingertips, and after a few weeks, include your nails with increased intensity. In the first month you will wash your hair twice a day starting from the third day (morning and evening). Next month, wash your hair once a day and then wash the hair as often as you want.

How many treatments are needed before hair restoration is complete?

The number of procedures depends exclusively on the size of the area that is balding. If the area is extremely large, there is a possibility that you are not a candidate for AHT procedure, but a better choice for you is some sort of a wig, but certainly not a microsurgical procedure. By coming to the clinic, the donor's area assessment is done, and if the area is good enough to get enough follicles from it, then the plan and the offer are made. In most cases, one treatment is sufficient, and sometimes patients opt for two or more treatments.

Can hair transplant be done with grey hairs?

Yes. However, if the hairs are very white, we may have to give these hairs a temporary color (like a hair dye) for easier recognition, transparency and placement.

If your hair is thin everywhere, is it feasible to do hair transplants from another person?

Transplantation of hair follicles from another person is not feasible, we are only doing auto transplantation which means that you yourself have to be the donor.
If your hair is diffusely thin and you do not have an adequate area from where hair follicles can be taken, then one of the following options is available:
- Hair transplants from other parts of the body (breasts, chin and other parts)
- PRP or other treatment is applied
- 2% or 5% Minoxidil treatment, but it is not very effective if the hair in the area is already significantly thin
- Capillary prosthesis – wigs (which we do not do)
- MPG, better known as micro-pigmentation, or tattooing with a special technique to get the look equivalent to hair that has just begun to grow (which we do not do)
Certainly, a consultative examination is first scheduled, where we specify what is best to do in your case.