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/ 3400 hairs were transplanted by the AHT method

3400 hairs were transplanted by the AHT method


Another good example of hair transplantation at our clinic confirms that good quality is heard far and wide. Namely, 3400 hairs were successfully transplanted to the patient Stefan Đokić using the most modern AHT method. Specialists at our clinic worked to thicken the entire region. In addition, Stefan's hair was transplanted in the area of the temples.

How satisfied he is with the result is confirmed by the words of praise. According to our patient, hair transplantation without pain and scars after the procedure is in the first place. In addition, Stefan praised the excellent approach of the staff at our clinic, as well as the conditions he received.

"I want to praise the whole team at your clinic, I'm really thrilled. You complied with everything as we agreed. The result I got after the AHT hair transplant is very satisfying, thank you."

Thank you for your trust.