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/ AHT gives the best results

AHT gives the best results


The AHT method of hair transplantation used by doctors at our clinic in Belgrade is the most effective method of hair transplantation of all the methods used. The reason for that is that, in addition to Bioelements, the use of colostrum and peptides, which additionally react as growth hormone on newly implanted follicles, is included if necessary. In addition, the AHT method only uses HypoThermosol - an additional element that mixes with saline and thus doubles the vitality of the follicles over time.


How much the application of the most modern AHT method of hair transplantation sets us apart from all other methods is the fact that only a satisfied patient leaves our clinic. We do not have a badly done procedure. This is confirmed by the example from the photo which shows 4300 hairs successfully transplanted. Using the AHT method, the follicles are extracted individually, and only the part of the patient from which the follicles are removed is cut.

Thank you for your trust!