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/ Bad and good hair transplant

Bad and good hair transplant


Hair transplantation is the only permanent solution against hair loss. And that is why it is very important that you entrust this procedure to experts. The AHT method is the most modern method of hair transplantation and has been proven to give the best results.

In the photos you can see an example of a bad and good hair transplant. In the left photo, the density of the transplanted hair is much lower. In addition, the patient was primarily transplanted with follicles with 2, 3 or 4 hairs, and thus the appearance is far from natural.

In the second photo, the AHT method of hair transplantation was applied, and in the first row, follicles containing one hair were transplanted. Then, in the middle part, follicles with 2,3 or 4 hairs were transplanted, which contributed to better density. The whole treatment of transplantation using the AHT method gave a completely natural look.

Countless times so far, it has been proven that patients who decide to have a hair transplant in Turkey in their intention to go cheaper end up paying much more.

Schedule a consultation with us at the clinic and leave it to the best experts. Let AHT be your hair transplant choice as well.

The photo shows another proof that AHT gives the best results. We really don't need special advertising - satisfied patients are our best advertisement.

"I would recommend the clinic in Belgrade to everyone. I am glad that I finally gave up on hair transplantation in Turkey and listened to people who are also satisfied with the treatment and the results they got from hair transplantation in Belgrade."

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