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/ Hair transplantation in the frontal area without cutting

Hair transplantation in the frontal area without cutting


Both men and women face hair loss. In women, hair loss most often occurs on the top of the head, while in men, it most often occurs in the frontal part. The AHT method gives the best results in both men and women. Our team of experts is here for you and strives to help as many hair loss sufferers as possible.


The AHT method of hair transplantation has achieved enviable results and has deservedly become the leading method in the Balkans for hair transplantation.


Recently, at our clinic in Belgrade, we performed a hair transplant on a patient from the donor region to the frontal part of the head, but without prior cutting. After the consultation, our team of experts explained to the patient both the preoperative and postoperative course, as well as how to manage the patient in the following period.


You can see the result of another successful hair transplant in the frontal part without cutting in the photo. That the patient is satisfied is confirmed by his comment below:


"I am really satisfied with the result. The doctor who performed the intervention is expert and professional. I would recommend everyone to choose the AHT method of hair transplantation, they will not regret it".

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