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/ Hair transplantation in the frontal hairline

Hair transplantation in the frontal hairline


For the last year and a half, we have been facing a pandemic of the Covid 19 virus, which has been shown to cause hair loss after suffering from the disease. There are certain lotions, shampoos and medications on the market that can slow down hair loss, but not solve the problem of baldness.


Today, hair transplantation has proven to be the only permanent and effective solution to the problem of baldness. A patient from the photo who recently underwent treatment also sought a solution to this problem at our clinic.


Namely, his hair was transplanted from the donor part using the most modern AHT method. The photo shows how much hair density is higher after the transplant, and you can read the comment of the satisfied patient below.


"Thanks to the whole team, the results are great. How much the experience of a doctor at a clinic in Belgrade shows exactly the ideal, natural, frontal hair line"!


The front line of the hair gives the structure of the face, and by pulling the front line it leaves the impression of sudden aging. Only a transplant procedure can compensate for permanently lost hair. 


Let the AHT method be your choice as well.