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/ Hair transplantation in the frontal part of the head

Hair transplantation in the frontal part of the head



Frontal hair loss is a very common problem faced by men. And no matter how common it is, it undoubtedly represents stress and often leads to a drop in self-confidence. People who face this problem feel less attractive, dissatisfied, and some even fall into depression.


When hair begins to fall out in the frontal part, it is extremely difficult to start growing naturally. The only possible and permanent solution against hair loss is hair transplantation. Hair transplantation using the most modern AHT method is the only effective method to start growing hair again. AHT hair transplantation is a painless procedure that gives natural results, without pain and visible scars.


Thanks to the use of special instruments, the success rate of the AHT method is higher than any other method used today. Another patient who underwent hair transplant treatment in the frontal part was convinced that we apply the highest standards by using the most modern instruments and technology in our clinic at Molerova 3. What is important when transplanting hair in the frontal part, is to choose follicles that contain mostly one hair at the root in order for the patient to get the most natural look.


In the photos you can see another successful example of hair transplantation at our clinic in Belgrade. The results you will agree are amazing.


Therefore, let the AHT method be your choice! Schedule consultations with us today at the clinic, which is the only one in Serbia and the region to register the method of hair transplantation in the Ministry of Health!


"Thank you for solving my problem. I am infinitely grateful and overjoyed. Praise for the whole team, you are definitely the best in Serbia and the region!"


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