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/ How to treat transplanted hair?

How to treat transplanted hair?



There are many ways to beat hair loss. However, most often do not give good results and the only permanent solution to the problem of hair loss is hair transplantation.

The AHT method of hair transplantation has been proven to give the best results. Using the AHT method, the follicles are extracted individually, while using the (FUT or STRIP) method of hair transplantation, the follicles are extracted in groups of 10 or more hairs. Large groups of follicles most often cause unnatural results. In the AHT method, only the part from which the follicles are removed is cut, depending on the scope of the intervention. The AHT method applies HEX punch which is currently the biggest innovation in hair transplantation. A shape that does not cut the follicle but isolates it.

After the intervention, it is very important that patients behave properly in the postoperative course. The day after the hair transplant, the patient can return to work and daily life if the work does not require more physical exertion. Otherwise, he should take a few days off and follow the instructions he will receive from the experts at our clinic.

The first three days after a hair transplant intervention are crucial. During this period, the patient should use a spray (saline solution) and spray on the transplanted region every 30 minutes. The most important factor is skin moisture.

The way you wash your hair in the post-operative period is also important. The hair should be washed with the palms, never with the fingertips, so as not to damage the follicle with your fingernails or to expel it.

In the photo, you can see another successful example of hair transplantation using the most modern AHT method. After the examination and consultation, the patient successfully solved the problem of valves.

"I am just happy to be here. I am really pleased with all the staff at the clinic. It is very important to me that they were with me even after the intervention - they answered all my questions as soon as possible. Thank you all".

Let AHT be your hair transplant choice as well.

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