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/ What celebrities say about us and our results

What celebrities say about us and our results



Patient experiences and comments are very important!

The doctor must be professional and clear, without telling the patient what he wants to hear, because such misinformation eventually leads to disappointment. The patient should be acquainted with the situation on the head, work techniques and all phases after the hair transplant, what results to expect and more.
Our clinic boasts a large number of satisfied patients and the expertise of surgeons.


Which hair transplant clinic to choose?


Today, there are many clinics that do hair transplants, and it is very difficult for someone, who has not encountered it so far, and is reconsidering their decision on transplantation, to choose the right clinic and a professional surgeon. Too many advertisements and boastings are present on all social networks, so the impressions of patients are still the most authoritative when choosing a hair transplant clinic. The AHT Method is the only method of hair transplantation that is officially registered with the Ministry of Health. Some clinics use various tricks and call their methods various jokes, which in fact mean nothing!!! The method must be clearly defined, the advantages and differences in relation to other methods, research, etc. must be stated. The only method that meets such conditions is the AHT method. By applying the AHT method of hair transplantation, Dr. Tanja Radenkov was awarded the prestigious award in the field of health at Oxford.


Celebrities who transplanted hair in our country:


Vladimir Mandić (Athlete): "Dr. Tanja Radenkov performed an AHT hair transplant on me. The procedure is painless and the doctor and the AHT team made me feel comfortable during my stay in the polyclinic. My recommendation for anyone who wants to undergo a hair transplant procedure. In cosmetic surgery, the price must not be a decisive factor, but the quality of the service and the end result. "


Dr. Filip Ivanjac (TV person): "After analyzing other methods and services offered in our country, I decided to have a hair transplant using the AHT method. Since I am a doctor myself, I saw many advantages of the AHT method compared to other, similar methods that are offered. I want to praise Dr. Tanja Radenkov, the AHT team, and wish many more successful patients. "


Ivan Pljevaljčić (Model): ,, Hair transplantation in your office is like a super car that shines with its features and capabilities. I didn't even know how to form the front line, but with your help, everything looks more than beautiful. I'm really grateful to you.


Vladimir Cvetković (Manager): "I want to thank the friendly staff. They gave me a lot of attention during the whole transplant process and the result that came in the end is praiseworthy and very impressive. Publicly, thank you again.


JP de Oliveira (Brazilian professional driver):