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/ What is the structure of hair and what does hair consist of?

What is the structure of hair and what does hair consist of?


What does hair consist of?

The dream of every woman (even a man) is beautiful and healthy hair, and when it falls out, people often despair. Cracked ends and dull hair are a mirror of your health. Frequent hair washing and the use of expensive detergents will not recover your hair. You have to look at the problem from the very beginning, and the beginning of the problem is in the hair. In the continuation of the blog, read about what hair consists of, what hair is and about the anatomy of hair.


Chemical composition and anatomy of hair


Hair is, simply put, a set of hairs on a person's head. Hair characteristics:
• Shape - it depends on the position in which the hair comes out of the skull, so the hair can be straight or wavy.
• Oily hair or dry hair - hair is normal in the case when sebum emulsions are well balanced and then the hair is fresh and smooth. If the emulsions are rich in fatty acids, then the hair is oily. If the emulsions do not have enough water in them and are low in fat, then the hair is coarse, brittle and dry.
• Density - the number of hairs characterizes the density of the hair. We say that someone has thick and lush hair, while on the other hand there are people who have extremely sparse hair. People who have blonde hair have weak hair, but that is why they have the most hair on their head. People with red hair have thick hair, but the number of hairs is smaller, while people with black or brown hair have medium hair density.
• Hair color - depends on melanin. It can be light, blue, brown, black or red.
• Hair growth - by the age of 30, hair grows faster. Hair falls out more during the fall and winter months.


Regardless of the speed of growth, hair must also fall out. The normal number of hairs that fall out during each day is between 50 and 100.
There are three stages of hair growth. The first phase of growth is a period that lasts from 3 to 5 years. After this, there is a break for 3 weeks and finally a rest period that lasts 3 months, when the hair falls out. The follicle produces new cells and the growth cycle begins again.
85% of hair is in the period of growth, and 15% in the period of rest. The length of the period varies from person to person.


What is hair?

Hair, except on the head, grows on almost all parts of the body, except the lips, soles, fingers, parts of the genitals and on the inside of the palms.

What does hair consist of?

Hair consists of 10-15% water, minerals, fats and melanin, which is responsible for hair color, as well as 85-90% protein.


Hair growth is a recurring cycle and can be divided into three phases:


  • Anagen - growth phase
  • Catagen - transition phase
  • Sediment - dormancy phase and finally, relegation phase