Closing the region of the temples

Hair loss develops slowly, and the hair loss first appears in the forehead parts – clumps appear. Hair loss for many men, but also for women, is a true nightmare. The only permanent solution against hair loss is hair transplantation, which is no longer a taboo, nor is it a matter of luxury. Nowadays, hair loss is a problem for many, even from the appearance of gray hair that is considered

charming. However, the baldness of a small number of men is considered attractive and charming.


Temple – A problem that can be solved

Hair fall develops slowly, and hair follicles respond to certain hormones produced by the body. Most often, the onset of hair loss is linked to the withdrawal of the temples or crown area. In our clinic we advise, it is most important to respond in a timely manner. You do not have to wait for your hair to completely fall off, and then solve the problem. We are advising you to do partial hair transplantation with the latest AHT method, as the hair is straightened. In this way, you will definitely avoid psychological problems through which many men are going through the loss of hair.

Hair transplant with the latest AHT method is a completely painless procedure during transplantation, there is no swelling, as well as after an intervention when the effect of local anesthetics ceases.

Applying the most modern innovations, the AHT hair transplant method is a treatment in which individual hair follicles are taken from donor regions. Donor regions are usually the lateral and back part of the head. However, in patients with a weak donor region, hair from the chest, or chin is used.

PRP treatment with blood plasma after transplantation

After implantation, a PRP treatment with blood plasma is required, which stimulates growth and strengthening of the hair, and in addition it also reduces the fall out rate. And what a PRP treatment for hair transplant looks like, see the next video.

Advantages of the AHT method in relation to others

Comparison of hair transplantation methods has always been of great importance to clients who opt for the procedure. See what are the advantages of the AHT method compared to other hair transplant methods.