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The price of hair transplantation

The price of hair transplantation in Serbia

The price of hair transplantation is one of the key questions that patients ask when they send a query or come to a consultative examination. Before answering this question, we need to underline that it is most important for the client to be informed about other factors that are crucial to a successful outcome. This is certainly their behaviour during the preoperative and postoperative course, the use of a specific liquid (which will be provided after the procedure) in the following 72 hours, so that the follicles would have the necessary humidity and would not remain dry, and consequently lose vitality, as well as hair washing in the month following the hair transplantation procedure.

The beginnings of hair transplantation date back to 1939, with the work of the famous Japanese dermatologist Dr. Okuda, published in a journal. This method involved the transplantation of grafts containing a large number of follicles, depending on the extraction instrument, and relocation to the part where the hair is necessary. Unfortunately, this method did not experience a boom at the time, due to the outbreak of World War II. In the 1950s, Dr. Norman Orentreich began experimenting with hair transplantation, and in the 1980s, a stereo microscope began to be used to separate the follicles, and the result looked more natural than before.

Awards in Hair Transplantation

Certificates and awards in the field of aesthetic surgery and hair transplantation

With the separation of the follicles, it was possible to specify the number of follicles that were extracted and the number of hairs that could be transferred. The majority of clinics today base their price on this – per single hair. It is a common question whether the price of hair transplantation is formed by the number of hairs or the number of follicles. Of course, there is a big difference because a follicle often contains several hairs (it can contain from one to five hairs), so the price may vary several times. In general, all clinics are well informed about the prices of their competitors, so the prices are approximately the same, except that the offer is formulated differently. 

What should be the priority of each patient is to choose the clinic with the most experience, whose doctor has international awards, certificates, hair transplant rewards, and many years of experience, as well as a clinic that keeps up with and applies innovations. The clinic where the AHT method is applied follows the highest standards and applies them to remain the leader in hair transplantation. AHT doctors and staff are highly trained and certified by leading world organizations.

AHT was the first to start using the advanced FUE method, later perfected as the DHI method, and by introducing innovations, today's renowned AHT (Advance Hair Transplantation) method was created. When choosing a clinic, you should follow the helpful tips and stick to basic priorities, which are: quality, tradition, and the ultimate result. Hair transplantation is an aesthetic procedure, therefore the price must not be the priority.

Prior to the procedure, it is necessary to do a consultative examination in order to specify the price of hair transplantation and to inform the client about the amount in advance. During the examination, a camera that is connected to a computer is used, and it gives us a clear picture and necessary information on the number of hairs to be transplanted. After the examination with the camera, an expert consultant makes an assessment of whether the donor region is large enough and whether it has sufficient density so that the procedure would not aesthetically impair the back, or side area of the head from where the follicles are taken.

Cena presadjivanja kose kod nas Srbija Beograd

CosCam CCL 205 kamera za pregled i procenu

Kosa na kameri procena vlasišta

Assessment of the hair, the scalp and the donor area

When the assessment is done, the patient is referred to a preoperative and postoperative course which must be monitored in order for the result to be ideal. If the patient meets the requirements for the procedure, the date and time of arrival to the clinic are specified. On the day of the procedure, they should come in a shirt or sweater that is undone at the front, whether with a zipper or buttons. It is only important that it is not a tight sweatshirt that could damage the newly implanted follicles while it is taken off or put on. It is not necessary to have a haircut before arriving to the clinic because the nurse will shorten the hair to the necessary length, which is ideal for hair transplantation. If the procedure is of smaller scope, in agreement with the patient, the hair in the implantation area doesn't even have to be shortened, while shortening the hair in the donor area is mandatory regardless of the method of hair transplantation.

Since hair transplantation is an aesthetic intervention, finances should definitely not be the reason why a patient decides to choose a clinic. The cost of hair transplantation in an AHT clinic is formulated regionally and varies depending on the hair area that is thinned. It is necessary to forward your photos via e-mail, based on which we make a free assessment and send an offer, or to come personally to the clinic where, along with a specialist's examination, the scope of the intervention as well as the price are determined. The photos can be discrete, from the forefront upwards, which will definitely be enough for a rough estimate. A more accurate assessment is given on the day of the procedure when you come to the clinic. 

Cena presadjivanja kose Srbija Beograd

Quality and good result are synonymous with the AHT method

A common example is that the photos that a potential patient sends arrive blurred, the hair is backcombed or combed over, so it does not seem that a large amount of hairs is needed, and only when they come to the clinic and the hair is cut, the real state becomes evident and that directly affects the financial construction. Therefore, when the offer is made via email, it is always said that this is a "rough" estimate because it can be precisely determined only when the patient is seen in person.