Traveling abroad for the purpose of obtaining medical assistance is defined as medical tourism. This may refer to the travel of patients from less developed countries into developed to receive medical assistance that is not available in their country. It can also refer to patients traveling from developed countries to underdeveloped where the cost of medical services is incomparably lower.

After the procedure, people often stay abroad to take advantage of their trip for sightseeing or extending to the sea. The question is how to choose the right medical facility and service, since most are serving marketing tricks? High marketing emphasizes VIP transport from the airport, 5-star hotels are included in the price, the translator and many other benefits. However, the most important thing is not mentioned, which is the name of the Doctor who performs the activity and its references. Usually for low budget patient get cheap service. That means your hair transplant procedure will be performed by a nurse, technician, or some Dr. with no qualification. Most of the time patient does not know absolutely anything about it. One of the countries with the most developed medical tourism is Turkey and Hungary.

They often use online marketing using photos from other websites, rewriting them, and presenting them as their work. This is one way to attract patients. The other way is a low price by letting unqualified staff to perform hair transplant procedure. In the attachment, we will upload the photos we found from on the site of one of the clinics in Turkey. They practically stole the image of AHT Method and present as their own. It has been rewritten and used on the YouTube channel as an image that will attract potential patients. That is just one of sample for the cheap and Nonqualified service in the popular medical destination -Turkey. If you receive a cheap offer, you should think carefully about what is behind it. Why Mercedes costs more and Opel (even though the German car) a much less, simple answer will find it yourself.


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