AHT has successfully performed thousands of hair transplants worldwide.

This method has come as a result of perfecting the FUE method following the latest technical developments and trends in the field of hair transplantation and using these developments. At the world congresses for the restoration of hair we show innovative methods and show the different studies twice a year. We strive to use the latest equipment and methods following the world trends in hair transplantation. After years of experience, AHT technique presents the possibility of using a painless procedure that gives natural results and it is a minimally invasive method that could be possibly applied nowadays. The AHT method gives completely natural results, without pain and no visible scars. In every office where our method is applied, the highest standards and technologies are achieved using the most modern instruments. The AHT method has achieved enviable results and has become a leading method for hair transplants in the Balkans and it is trying to help to as many of those who have problems with hair loss as possible. Feel free to visit us and see how to restore confidence and quality of life. Let AHT method be your choice in the fight against hair loss! In recent years, AHT method has expanded business cooperation, being devoted to development of innovative techniques and medical devices in the field of hair transplantation. The staff of the AHT team consists of the trained personnel, with adequate certificates and with the knowledge of the high standards applied in the latest techniques. They are subjected to high levels of training to meet the highest standards of quality and to achieve the best possible results.


There are many reasons why to choose AHT and our treatment in the restoration of hair. However, we believe that the 5 most important reasons you should consider are as follows:

We are the first medical centre that brought this method as early as 2007. Long after our medical centre was opened the others started to copy us and to give similar names to their treatments in order to achieve the same performances which our medical center has. With over 8 years of experience in AHT methods, and over 20 years of experience in the field of hair restoration with other methods, AHT is the most advanced technique in the world in this field. We have more expertise in advanced non-strip technology, rather than all of our competitors combined. We monitor the latest innovations in hair transplantation.

Politicians, royal families, athletes and VIPs are only a small part of our clients diagnosed and treated with the hair transplant, in Serbia and around the world. The folder Gallery shows several photos that show the result of what you get in our medical centre. The result is what all of you want when you come to us and your wish becomes our priority.

We introduced FUE technique in 2001 and after that we introduced DHI in 2007.  AHT Implantation Hair as an advanced form of FUE technique was introduced later AHT was introduced in 2015 and this technique eliminates the risk of damage to the hair follicles during extraction and implantation. The satisfaction rate is an astonishing 98.17% (data obtained from the questionnaire for the evaluation, completed by the client).

Since we are talking about auto-transplantation there is no possibility of rejection of a foreign body because it was only used your follicles. Thanks to this we are able to provide you with a lifetime warranty, which helps customers to dispel any doubt gain full confidence in us before opting for hair transplant..

The AHT method represents a unique approach in diagnosis, treatment and post-intervention. All AHT specialists are trained and have a master’s certificate which our competitors do not have.

What causes hair loss?

Causes of hair loss in both men and women are well known today, but there is no way to prevent this phenomenon. Hair transplantation, after many years of its practical use, has shown that it was the only option that was efficient. The hair transplant methods are marked with the results of natural looks and optimal hair density in the region of transplantation.
Hair loss has a genetic predisposition but genetic predisposition is not the only decisive factor. In most cases the reason for hair loss in men is androgynous alopecia. It is triggered by the hormone dihydrotestosterone (DHT) to the follicles of the scalp. The sensitivity on DHT is very prominent in the upper part and in the forehead as well as in the top of the head, and on sides is almost unnoticeable.
It is frequently said that the hair loss is inherited from the father’s side but it is true that the hair loss is inherited both from mother and the father, and it is most frequently, according to some studies, inherited from the uncle’s side (mother’s brother). DHT with its actions influences the shortening of the phase of the hair growth, the diminished follicles of the hair, which leads to the gradual thinning of the hair and at the final stage the hairs completely disappear. The part with no hair grows in circles and the exact stadium in which it will stop grwoing is hard to predict. The genetically predisposed persons face the situation in which testosterone comes to touch with the enzymes and it is transformed into androgynous DHT which is connected to the receptors inside the follicle which is directly blocking malnutrition of the hair. Such follicle is getting thinned until is drops out permanently.

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Video – All about AHT hair transplant

I came from the neighbouring country and the people waited for me to go and exchange money. I had a small debt and I wanted to send the money afterwards but they replied: “It is alright.” It surprised me pleasantly and immensely. Top service was given and I am glad that someone cares for the service and not only for money. Good luck and a lot of future jobs!
Mr. Janos K
Hair transplant in your clinic was like a cool car shining with its features and possibilities. I did not know how to form the frontal line but with your help it all looks more than beautiful. I am truly thankful, once again my best regards.
Mr. Kenney U
Thank you again for the service, you really deserve the best. You have my recommendation and expect my colleague from the job to perform the same procedure at your clinic. Cordially,
Mr. Andy M
I want to thank the kind staff, and to congratulate you for the attention given during the procedure as well as the result which has been impressive so far. A public “thank you” once again!
Mr. Felipe I

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