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Comparing methods of hair transplantation

Comparison of hair transplantation methods


Comparing hair transplantation methods has always been of great importance to clients who are looking for the best choice to undergo a hair transplant procedure. In the past 10 years, in the field of hair transplantation, there has been great progress. The method that officially began to be applied since 2002 was one of the biggest advances in hair transplant - the Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE). During several years of research, improvement of methodology and work, and innovations in instruments, mass application of single follicular transfer has occurred. Since 2015, the AHT hair transplantation method has been offering several advantages over other methods.

Certified doctors with the highest standards

Certified doctors with the highest standards

Robotized hair transplantation method, adjustable head of HEX punch

The maximum number of hairs

By definition, FUE means Follicular Unit Extraction. Using the classic FUE method, there is no specific or general progress in hair placement. The forceps are most often used in the setup process, which can lead to shock and even death to the implants. In hair transplantation methods that were used even earlier (FUT or STRIP method), at the extraction, by cutting of the scalp, a large number of follicles are damaged and therefore unusable.


During a one day treatment, surgeons can extract about 5000 individual hair with AHT hair transplant method. Although the maximum number of hairs recommended during one day is slightly over 3000, so the follicle would not lose vitality. Using the AHT method, the follicles are extracted individually. Using the FUT or STRIP hair transplant methods, the follicles of the head are extracted in groups. This groups contain 10 and more hairs, which gave an unnatural result.

AHT hair transplantation using HEX punch

Working in the OR

Advantages of the AHT method

The advantages of the AHT method in comparison to the classic FUE method are in the application of the ATP-v Bio element. That directly reflected on the survival of the follicle and the final result. Whether the follicle is instantly implanted or left in ATP-V or Hypothermosol is completely irrelevant. Both of these elements prolong the vitality of the follicles. Those Bio elements further feed them while the follicle is outside the body. In standard procedures of hair transplantation, follicles experience a "shock" after 4 weeks. Hair falls as material in 4 weeks and follicle stays deep inside. It takes 3-4 months for the hair to start re-growing again. However, using the AHT method, a large number of follicles completely avoid "shock" effect. The patient does not have to wait for the “redistribution cycle”.  Large number of hairs resumes to grow immediately 3 days after hair transplantation.


Best PRP Separator


We use the PRP treatment from the company "Regenlab". This is the most valuable separator that can be applied. It regenerates cells and stimulates collagen, elastin, proteoglycan (Proteoglycans are a special type of glycoprotein) and glycosaminoglycans (also known as mucopolysaccharides) that affect better circulation, and therefore provide necessary energy to the existing follicle. The growth hormone stimulates the synthesis of new cells and reliability of the follicles.


Ministry of health approved

  • In addition to the application of HEX punch, the quality of instruments and equipment, what is most important is the professional staff. In some clinics, procedures are performed by nurses, dermatologists or technicians rather than plastic surgeons. No wonder the price is much lower as well as quality. We are the only polyclinic in the region that held a lecture on innovation in hair transplantation at Oxford and received the prestigious award (Rose of Paracelsus). Regarding that, we hold the prestigious Oxford Prize using the AHT Hair Transplantation Method. Also we were awarded the prestigious International Health Care Award "Best Medical Practice 2018" in hair transplantation.


The prize is awarded in recognition of excellent reputation, safe and efficient methods of treatment, highly professional medical personnel and modern equipment. This award (Rose of Paracelsus) has been awarded to clinics and doctors whose professionalism is confirmed not only by formal standards but also by trust of patients.