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The pictures represent just some of our successful hair transplantation examples. The gallery contains various forms of procedures. Some of them show hair transplantation without hair cutting, hair transplantation from beard to the top part of the head, hair transplantation from the head to the chest, hair transplantation from the head to the chin, hair transplantation from the head to the eyebrows, hair transplantation immediately after the procedure is completed, examples of the final result of hair transplants, etc.

The video gallery also shows some of the complex, mentioned cases

After hair transplantation, each client receives a detailed explanation of the postoperative course and the use of preventive medications in order to achieve a better result. Certainly the most important thing in the first 72 hours is to maintain the humidity of the region where the hair is implanted. In order to maintain humidity, a physiological solution is applied every 30-60 minutes, depending on the time of the year, except when you are asleep. In the summer period, when the temperatures are higher, the solution is applied every 30 minutes. In winter, when the weather is colder it is applied every 60 minutes.


The final result depends, to a large extent, on the behaviour in the postoperative course. Therefore, the instructions that are received in the clinic (postoperative course) must be strictly followed.


The gallery of before and after images can be seen by the client upon the arrival to the clinic for consultations. Consultations are scheduled several days in advance, by telephone or by e-mail. The exam takes approximately 30 minutes after which the client is informed in detail about the preoperative flow in order to adequately organize their chores.

Hair transplantation

Breast hair transplant

E-mail consultations


There is a possibility to do the consultations via email by sending the photos to the email address. The photos can be discrete, from the forehead up (no need to show the face for reasons of discretion). At the latest within 48 hours, the client receives feedback on the scope of the intervention as well as the price of the intervention. The price offered is total and there are no hidden, additional costs.


When coming to the procedure, it is necessary for the medical documentation, that each client allows the photographing of the area where the hair is thin as well as the donor's area (not a photo of the face). Images are the property of the clinic and cannot be used for other purposes unless otherwise agreed with the client beforehand.

Beard as a donor part

Beard hair transplant