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Modern hair transplantation method - blog


Recovery after a hair transplant

FAQ about hair transplant recovery



When scheduling a hair transplant, many of our patients ask about the postoperative period, that is, what their days will look like after surgery, as well as when they can return to their normal daily activities.



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AHT beard transplantation

Another excellent result from our clinic



The AHT method of transplantation has been proven to be the best for beard hair transplantation. This is also confirmed by the photos of a patient who recently had hair transplanted on his chin by experts from our clinic. After consultation and examination, using the most modern AHT method, the thickness of the patient's chin was increased and the gaps on the cheeks were filled.


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Hair transplantation using the AHT method without cutting

AHT method is the best in the Balkans


Hair transplantation in Turkey has been extremely popular in recent years. This country has raised medical tourism to the highest level. The price of the arrangement includes an interpreter, transportation, a 5-star hotel and, finally, the hair transplant procedure itself. And when you take a closer look at the offer - hair transplantation is the cheapest. And is it the best? The price of hair transplant in Turkey is cheaper than in more developed countries. So the question is how good a decision is it?


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Another excellent result from our clinic

AHT method gives the best results


AHT method, the most modern method of hair transplantation, has achieved enviable results and has become one of the leading methods in the entire region for hair transplantation for a reason. Due to the excellent results, as well as its advantages, the interest in hair transplantation with the AHT method is extremely high.


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AHT hair transplantation is definitely the best in the Balkans

Check out another fantastic example of hair transplant


Another very satisfied patient left our clinic in Belgrade. Recently, using the most modern AHT method, we transplanted the hair of a patient who traveled all the way from America. Doctors from our clinic did Mr. Chum's full frontal line and center part.


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The experience of another satisfied patient from the AHT clinic

See another example of a successful hair transplant


Hair loss can be caused by genetics, age, or it can be the result of hormonal changes. Regardless of the cause, hair transplantation is the only permanent and effective solution that will fully compensate for the loss. The results of this aesthetic procedure have a positive effect on the self-confidence of the patient who decided on it.

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Successfully transplanted 3500 hairs

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If you are one of those who have faced the problem of hair loss, don't worry. Experts from our clinic can permanently solve your hair loss problem. Namely. The AHT method of hair transplantation is the most modern method that gives the best results without pain and visible scars. Therefore, let AHT be your choice. Contact us and schedule a consultation. We are located in Belgrade, at Molerova 3.


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AHT method of hair transplantation is proven to be the best

Another patient successfully transplanted hair


AHT hair transplantation is the method that gives the best results. The AHT method offers a number of advantages over other methods. The intervention itself takes several hours, is not painful and leaves no scars after the procedure. In addition, the state-of-the-art AHT method prolongs the vitality of follicles by applying the latest innovations.


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Hair transplantation in the frontal area without cutting

The AHT method gives natural results


Both men and women face hair loss. In women, hair loss most often occurs on the top of the head, while in men, it most often occurs in the frontal part. The AHT method gives the best results in both men and women. Our team of experts is here for you and strives to help as many hair loss sufferers as possible.

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Hair transplantation in the frontal part of the head

The AHT method gives the best results

Frontal hair loss is a very common problem faced by men. And no matter how common it is, it undoubtedly represents stress and often leads to a drop in self-confidence. People who face this problem feel less attractive, dissatisfied, and some even fall into depression.

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