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Modern hair transplantation method - blog


When is the right time for a hair transplant?

Hair loss is an aesthetic problem that affects a large number of men and women.



Hair transplantation is often suggested as a logical solution, but many patients have a dilemma when the time is right for this procedure. In order to give you an answer to this question, several important factors need to be taken into account.


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Alopecia in women

What is it, what forms are there and how is alopecia in women treated.



There are several types of alopecia, and alopecia in women can appear in different forms and can have different causes.


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How to decide on a hair transplant

If you're struggling with hair loss and considering a hair transplant, it's important to make an informed decision.



There are some steps you can take to better inform yourself about hair transplantation and make a better decision about this procedure.


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Prevent complete hair loss

The question is often raised whether it is necessary to wait for complete hair loss in order to perform a transplant.


The answer is no. The best time for intervention is the initial process of hair loss. The sooner you act, the better the outcome will be, and if you do it in time, you will not face complete hair loss.



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 Beard Alopecia

Beard alopecia - Causes and treatment

What are the causes of beard alopecia and what does the treatment of this problem look like.

Beard hair loss can occur in a small area or there can be complete loss of hair in a certain area. If such symptoms appear, it is necessary to visit a doctor in order to determine the cause and prescribe the appropriate treatment.

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Hair Transplant - What you need to know

What you should ask before hair transplant



Hair transplantation is a medical procedure in which hair is transplanted into a region where there is thinning or hair loss. As a hair transplant is a very big decision and a complex procedure, we advise you to be well informed about all aspects, before deciding who to entrust your trust to.

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Recovery after a hair transplant

FAQ about hair transplant recovery



When scheduling a hair transplant, many of our patients ask about the postoperative period, that is, what their days will look like after surgery, as well as when they can return to their normal daily activities.



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AHT beard transplantation

Another excellent result from our clinic



The AHT method of transplantation has been proven to be the best for beard hair transplantation. This is also confirmed by the photos of a patient who recently had hair transplanted on his chin by experts from our clinic. After consultation and examination, using the most modern AHT method, the thickness of the patient's chin was increased and the gaps on the cheeks were filled.


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Hair transplantation using the AHT method without cutting

AHT method is the best in the Balkans


Hair transplantation in Turkey has been extremely popular in recent years. This country has raised medical tourism to the highest level. The price of the arrangement includes an interpreter, transportation, a 5-star hotel and, finally, the hair transplant procedure itself. And when you take a closer look at the offer - hair transplantation is the cheapest. And is it the best? The price of hair transplant in Turkey is cheaper than in more developed countries. So the question is how good a decision is it?


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Another excellent result from our clinic

AHT method gives the best results


AHT method, the most modern method of hair transplantation, has achieved enviable results and has become one of the leading methods in the entire region for hair transplantation for a reason. Due to the excellent results, as well as its advantages, the interest in hair transplantation with the AHT method is extremely high.


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