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Hair Transplantation and patients impressions

Ivan Pjevaljčić

"Hair transplantation in your office is like a super car that shines with its features and capabilities. I didn't even know how to form a front line, but with your help, everything looks more than beautiful. I'm really grateful to you."


JP De Oliveira

"I would like to thank all the doctors who worked on my hair transplant for all the care and attention you paid to me while I was in your clinic.

You treated me very nicely and I can't wait to see the results in a few months."

Vladimir Cvetković

"I want to thank the friendly staff. They gave me a lot of attention during the whole transplant process and the result that came in the end is to be commended and very impressive. Publicly, thank you again."


Dr Filip Ivanjac

"After analyzing other methods and services offered by us, I decided to have a hair transplant with the AHT method. Since I am a doctor myself, I saw many advantages of the AHT method compared to other, similar methods offered. I want to praise Dr. Tanja Radenkov and the AHT team."

Vuk Vukićević

"Hair transplantation in your office is like a super car that shines with its features and capabilities. I didn't even know how to form a front line, but with your help, everything looks more than beautiful. I'm really grateful to you."


Vladimir Mandić

"The procedure is painless and the doctor and the AHT team made me feel comfortable during my stay in the polyclinic. My recommendation for everyone who wants to undergo a hair transplant procedure. In cosmetic surgery, price should not be the decisive factor, but the quality of service and the end result."

Satisfied patients after hair transplantation


Corinne R

The staff at the AHT office couldn't have been nicer. They were very thorough in both his evaluation of my needs, in his explanation of the procedure and in communicating his expectations for the end result. I would not hesitate to use AHT services in case I need it again. I have already recommended them to family, friends, and colleagues.


Dorny Samson

Began losing my hair in my mid to late thirties. I felt young until I looked in the mirror. At first I tried to do "comb over" techniques to hide my frontal hair loss, but that soon became impossible. I saw a AHT Hair Restoration advertisement and called to get the information packet. The rest is history. Now when I look in the mirror, I look as good as I feel. It is such a joy to wake up in the morning to see a full head of hair in the mirror.


Carney Emmanuel

I have had a tremendous change in my appearance after receiving hair restoration with AHT methods. I underwent several procedures over the course of several years and have been extremely pleased with the results. They've certainly exceeded my expectations.


Barber Frank

Those friends that I have told (because no one else can tell!) say it is the best thing I have ever done for myself. Best of all, everybody think I look way younger and attractive than I use to! I can't say enough how great the experience was.


Gallet Santerre

The result after the transplant, surgery was highly satisfactory, I am more than happy.


Grollier Anthony

On a six-month follow up visit to AHT I was pleasantly surprised to see a qualitative difference in the density of hair in the transplanted region. The bottom line for me is that I no longer feel as if I am balding.


Benchaou A

My experience with AHT method was professional and competent. Anxiety and questions regarding a noticeable acceleration of hair loss over the previous year as well as the procedure itself were put to rest during the initial consultation with the office senior counselor and a personal visit by the surgeon. The procedure and the immediate post-recovery period went smoothly without pain or undue inconvenience to my professional practice.


Claus Hansen

After doing extensive research, AHT Medical turned out to be the best in the hair restoration field. Now that I have had a procedure, I feel much better with a full head of hair. I have nothing against a clean head -- just not for me. Anyone interested in hair transplant should undergo with a AHT (Advance Hair Transplantation).


John K M.

I'm proud to say that AHT has played an important role in the development of many of the clinical procedures that have made advances in hair transplantation possible, as well as many of the most advanced artistic techniques that are in use today.


Dr Finch

I am very pleased with the results of my procedure. One of the most satisfying elements is that it is not obvious to anyone. In other words, it happened and no one noticed. I remain impressed with AHT medical team.


George Antoneli

I wanted to take the opportunity to thank you for the experience and the quality of your work.


Mr Irvine T

My confidence is at all-time high. I got a huge promotion and my social life hasn’t been better. Before, especially at work, a stare at my hairline would simply disarm me.


Michael Franks

The transplanted hair seems to be growing in nicely. I recently reviewed pictures taken before my transplant with recent photos and wanted to thank you again for your skill and efforts in engineering a dramatic improvement. It is much appreciated.


Cedar Ruslan

Thanks to AHT, for your courteous and professional manner you have shown throughout my hair plantation procedure. I really appreciated the long hours you put in on the day of my transplant surgery and the respectful way I was treated at all times right from the initial consultation.


Dimitri Sosa

The results were far beyond my expectations. After only 9 months, even my barber of 30 years was to impressed. He said it was the best hair transplantation he had ever seen, and he has seen many.


Smith Barlow

After AHT procedure my hair is abundant and natural looking, and I get many compliments on it and comments that I am lucky to go under procedure.


Jones Cale

Couldn't be more pleased with the procedures I had at AHT. Not only am I happy, but my family to.


Taylor Hyde

After my first consultation, I read through all the non-biased (non-company) literature available and determined for myself that the procedure was indeed safe and effective in the right hands. I had minimal post-surgical discomfort and was back to work seeing patients only 1 day after my procedure. Now 4 months following the procedure, the grafts are beginning to grow and I can see a noticeable difference in my hair line. And it appears completely natural. I have nothing but good things to say about the whole experience. Thank you AHT


Kolle Gardner

I have excellent results. After a short time I noticed impressive improvement on a majority of my men patients.


Forest Miller

Past summer had never considered a hair restoration. However, I think I realized just how bald I was this summer when I spent time with my older brother and cousin and those around us noted that we all had the same degree of balding. It's much easier to see in someone else than yourself. And I don't feel there is anything wrong with balding. It just wasn't the right look for me. I let my feelings and go under AHT procedure. Can’t describe how great I feel after all. Wish you can feel the same as I do now. From my point of view I fully recommended AHT team.


David Cooper

On a personal level, I certainly did not like the fact that I was experiencing hair loss in my early age. Now after one procedure with AHT method I look better and happy as I have not fell for a long time. AHT is best choice I ever made.


Emanel Huber

Hair transplantation is a minor surgery that requires major artistry on the part of the treating physician. I refer patients seeking the procedure to AHT, where they can benefit from the unique specialized experience and artistic dedication of dr from AHT. I ’ve undergo AHT procedure and I can stop thinking why I didn’t do it earlier. I recommend to all.


Fabrio Rocha

I'm very happy that I had my procedure. For my patients who might benefit from hair transplantation, I gladly "reveal" my procedure and discuss my good experience with AHT. I interviewed many hair transplant surgeons who goes under AHT procedure and they are all impressed with service, results, staff, professionalism and personal touch.


Gill Watson

I was very self-conscious about my hair loss. I thought about it a lot. I didn't like the shape of my head with the loss of hair in the vertex and forehead areas. I always wondered what people were thinking when they saw the back of my head. Since the procedure, all I've heard are many wonderful comments about how great my hair looks. I used to feel a lot older in appearance than I felt physically. After the procedure, I felt younger-looking. The procedures at AHT were relatively easy to go through and the staff was awesome.


Mr Whitley

My hair loss was a big deal to me. I researched men's hair restoration and found AHT to be the best after careful consideration of all factors. Overall I am pleased with procedures that were performed on me and would highly recommend to all others.


Sefan Mathieu

I was happy with my life; my financial and personal obligations are satisfied but after AHT procedure everything increase even more. I correctly thought that more frontal scalp hair would improve my appearance and my general happiness. Financially, I could have a fancy car, big screen TV, and the latest electronic gadget. But scalp hair has given me much more personal satisfaction than these physical possessions. Don’t think too much, if you decide to go with AHT you are in right hands.