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Hair Transplantation – AHT


Hair transplantation is a microsurgical process that can vary depending on the method being applied. The most popular method is the method of individually transferring follicles, professionally called FUE (Follicular Unit Extract), and the most advanced method is AHT (Advance Hair Transplantation).


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We are the first clinic that brought the improved FUE method in 2007 to Serbia. Through experience and improvement, in 2014, the most prestigious AHT method occurs. It implies the use of Bioelements that further stimulate the follicle, which gives us a great advantage over all other clinics dealing with similar activities. The AHT hair transplant method gives the most natural results and the fastest recovery. We follow world congresses and apply innovations.

Establishing a diagnosis

AHT method represents the perfect approach in establishing diagnosis, treatment and post-interventional hair care. At the consultation, using a special camera and software, the density of the hair per square centimeter is determined. It is also used to calculate both, the lateral and the back part of the head. In this way, diagnosis is established and recommends what to do next. Each AHT specialist is trained and has a certificate that meets the highest standards.



Public figures, politicians, athletes are only a small part of the users of our services, in our country and around the world. In the "gallery" folder, there are examples that show AHT results. Not only hair transplantation, but also hair from the chin, chest and other parts of the body . Your desire becomes our priority . We approach every client with great responsibility and seriousness and provide the necessary comfort during your stay in our clinic. Hair loss is a problem that many men face.


About us

After many years of experience, AHT technique presents the possibility of a painless procedure that yields natural results and the least invasive method that is being applied today.


Comparison of hair transplant methods

Comparison of hair transplantation methods has always been of great importance to clients from around the world who want to make the best choice for the hair transplant procedure. International certificates, rewards and satisfied patients are synonymous for the AHT hair transplantation method.


PRP – Platelet Rich Plasma

PRP and ACP are methods used in hair transplantation, as part of regenerative therapy, to accelerate physiological processes that aim to quickly and efficiently cure tissue and hair growth. The difference in the PRP and ACP method is in the platelet-rich plasma-derived process.


Methods of transplantation

Hair transplantation methods that have proved to be the only effective methods throughout the world after many years of practice.


The mathematical aspect of hair transplantation

Dolaskom u ordinaciju na konsutativni pregled, preko specijalne kamere i softvera, utvrdićemo gustinu kose po kvadratnom santimetru, ako je neophodno uradićemo i proračun donatorskog dela, a nakon toga predložiti šta je potrebno za dalji tretman.


History of hair transplantation

The history begins with the Japanese dermatologist Dr Okud, who published the revolutionary method in the medical journal, using small instruments similar to today's instruments that are being applied. Not only for hair transplantation, but also for brows, beard and mustache as well as other areas where hair is present.



Transplantations world wide


Certificates in the field of Surgery


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Testimonials from our satisfied customers

Ivan Pjevaljčić

"Hair transplantation in your office is like a super car that shines with its features and capabilities. I didn't even know how to form a front line, but with your help, everything looks more than beautiful. I'm really grateful to you."


JP De Oliveira

"I would like to thank all the doctors who worked on my hair transplant for all the care and attention you paid to me while I was in your clinic.

You treated me very nicely and I can't wait to see the results in a few months."


Vladimir Cvetković

"I want to thank the friendly staff. They gave me a lot of attention during the whole transplant process and the result that came in the end is to be commended and very impressive. Publicly, thank you again."


Dr Filip Ivanjac

"After analyzing other methods and services offered by us, I decided to have a hair transplant with the AHT method. Since I am a doctor myself, I saw many advantages of the AHT method compared to other, similar methods offered. I want to praise Dr. Tanja Radenkov and the AHT team."

Vuk Vukićević

"Hair transplantation in your office is like a super car that shines with its features and capabilities. I didn't even know how to form a front line, but with your help, everything looks more than beautiful. I'm really grateful to you."


Vladimir Mandić

"The procedure is painless and the doctor and the AHT team made me feel comfortable during my stay in the polyclinic. My recommendation for everyone who wants to undergo a hair transplant procedure. In cosmetic surgery, price should not be the decisive factor, but the quality of service and the end result."

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On our YouTube channel you will find some interesting videos about hair transplantation, as well as an educational video about hair transplantation.

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Successfully transplanted 3500 hairs

21.07. 2022.

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If you are one of those who have faced the problem of hair loss, don't worry. Experts from our clinic can permanently solve your hair loss problem. Namely. The AHT method of hair transplantation is the most modern method that gives the best results without pain and visible scars...


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AHT method of hair transplantation is proven to be the best


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AHT hair transplantation is the method that gives the best results. The AHT method offers a number of advantages over other methods. The intervention itself takes several hours, is not painful and leaves no scars after the procedu....



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Hair transplantation in the frontal area without cutting


AHT method gives natural results

Both men and women face hair loss. In women, hair loss most often occurs on the top of the head, while in men, it most often occurs in the frontal part. The AHT method gives the best results in both men and women. Our team of experts is here for you and strives to help as many hair loss sufferers as possible...

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