Famous athlete, handball player Vladimir Mandic, honored himself before New Year’s holidays with aesthetic surgery.

“Dr Tanja Radenkov was doing hair transplantation with AHT method. The procedure is painless and the doctor and AHT team have made me feel comfortable during the stay in the clinic.

My recommendation is for anyone who wants to undergo hair transplant procedures. In aesthetic surgery, price cannot be a decisive factor but a quality of service and an end result. ”

“The methods certainly are different, although they look the same. Because of this, patients will often find various advertisements with tempting offers, extremely low prices, in our country and abroad (mostly Turkey and Hungary). In such advertisements, the number of hair is often overestimated and the price, BUT less mention is made of which doctor works, what is his qualification, whether he is internationally rewarded, and what instruments and equipment he uses during the procedure. We are pleased that an increasing number of patients recognize the AHT method, as a quality symbol, and set the end result as a priority in hair transplantation rather than price and number of hairs. ”

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