AHT beard transplantation
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/ AHT beard transplantation

AHT beard transplantation


Which method of hair transplantation to choose?


AHT method of transplantation has been proven to be the best for beard hair transplantation. This is also confirmed by the photos of a patient who recently had hair transplanted on his chin by experts from our clinic.



After consultation and examination, using the most modern AHT method, the thickness of the patient's chin was increased and the gaps on the cheeks were filled. This intervention is completely painless and completed within one day. The donor region, as with hair transplantation, is the occipital region because the characteristics of that hair are the same as those on the face.



Are patients satisfied after a beard transplant?


The patient came to our clinic on recommendation to find a solution to his thinning beard problem. The results are excellent, as can be seen in the photos. And this fact was confirmed to us by the patient himself.



Schedule a consultation and examination every working day from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. After the examination, our doctors will give you information about what we can do in your case and how much the intervention will cost.

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