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/ Connor McGregor transplanted his hair

Connor McGregor transplanted his hair


Conor McGregor is one of the most famous and controversial MMA and UFC fighters of today. The charismatic Irishman often ends up on the front pages of numerous world media, of course he is a real star in Ireland, and lately there has been more and more talk about his new venture.

Namely, the world-famous athlete faced the problem of hair loss. In the video below, you will see photos that show how hair loss has increased from year to year with this athlete. In the photos from the early twenties, you will see that McGregor did not have a problem with hair loss, but over the years, a significant deterioration in the front line of the head can be seen.


To solve this problem, McGregor, together with his sister Erin, presented a head scrub in 2019, which he was sure would help prevent hair loss. However, according to the photos he publishes, experts who deal with hair transplantation, realized that Connor found the solution to his problem in hair transplantation. The ideal, correct, front line he now has revealed that this athlete underwent a hair transplant.

With this endeavor, even the highest paid athlete on the Forbes list for 2020 confirmed that the only permanent solution against hair loss is hair transplantation. Therefore, make an appointment with us at our clinic. You can find our contact information HERE.