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/ Frontal hairline, ideal line

Frontal hairline, ideal line


Front line as a sign of masculinity

Thick hair has always been something that adorns both women and men. For men, it was a sign of masculinity, and for women, the reason why men and women turn on the street. The front line of the hair gives the structure of the face, and by pulling the front line it leaves the impression of sudden aging.

How to form the front line correctly and what is the difference between the male and female line, read below. In patients, trichological analysis shows signs of atrophy of the hair roots and scalp, which means a decrease in the possibility of hair growth. Only a transplant procedure can compensate for permanently lost hair. Transplantation of strong hairs enables results, which, if they give excellent density in the front part, would leave the patient satisfied. When it comes to the front of the head, the number of transplanted hairs is very important. 3000 correctly distributed grafts in the frontal part, gives satisfactory aesthetic results after 1 year of hair transplantation. The great progress in surgery and the appearance of new equipment in recent years, has led to the fact that the procedures that once gave the appearance of a doll, after hair transplantation, are now replaced by techniques with micro and mini grafts, where follicles containing one hair are transplanted.

Surgeons are enabled, using softer and thinner hair and modern surgical equipment, to perform a successful transplant that will be individual for each patient and that results in a natural appearance. Observe a person who does not have thinning hair and you will notice that the hair in the front line is much thinner, does not go in a straight line, and that towards the back part the hair becomes firmer and thicker. Creating a natural, ideal frontal hairline requires extensive surgical experience.


Female and male front line (photo)