Hair Transplant - What you need to know
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/ Hair Transplant - What you need to know

Hair Transplant - What you need to know


Hair transplantation is a medical procedure in which hair is transplanted into a region where there is thinning or hair loss. As a hair transplant is a very big decision and a complex procedure, we advise you to be well informed about all aspects, before deciding who to entrust your trust to.

Hair transplantation - Cost of the procedure

The price of hair transplantation is often a decisive factor that influences the final decision. However, considering that this is a once-in-a-lifetime decision, more attention should be paid to the quality of work, the expertise of the medical staff, and their success rate of the hair transplant procedure.

When assessing the condition itself, the price of a hair transplant depends on several different factors. In order to give you our offer, it is necessary to carry out an examination and consultation, on the basis of which we will make a rough estimate.


Why are the prices different in certain surgeries or countries?

Certainly there is a reason. One of the most visited destinations is Turkey, which has managed to attract patients from all over the world solely through excellent marketing. Namely, the offer that includes transportation, a 5-star hotel, a translator, etc. is all why you don't actually come. You want to do a hair transplant, and they want to show you how you get a lot of things for a little money, so to speak, avoiding your main question: "Who is the doctor who does the surgery?".

Most often, in polyclinics with a cheap offer, the procedures are performed by technicians and nurses, which is certainly illegal. Given that Turkey has eased visa regime with Serbia, which is not a member of the EU, it found our market interesting for such procedures.

Considering that it is not easy to get a work permit in the Ministry of Health, then in some surgeries the work is organized "on the black", so to speak. A person who does not have any medical education or experience does consultations and examinations, after that they take an advance and schedule a team that comes from Turkey. That team does not include doctors from Turkey, but nurses and technicians who come and most often work without adequate papers.

Serbia and Bosnia are frequent examples, while in other countries, due to the EU visa regime, it is not easy for Turkish citizens to work in this way.
That is why big advertisements and favorable prices are made to attract EU citizens to Turkey, to use their stay for surgery and to visit Istanbul as one of the attractive locations.

What you should ask before hair transplant

If you are planning to undergo a hair transplant, you need to inquire about the quality of work of the clinic where you plan to perform the transplant, then about the method used in the clinic, as well as the expertise and qualifications of the clinic's staff.
In addition, it is important to take into account the experience of the doctor who will perform the hair transplant procedure, as well as the percentage of satisfied clients.

It is also important to know if the clinic:

  1. They use Plasma treatment
  2. They use Bioelements for the stabilization and vitality of follicles
  3. They use advanced instruments
  4. And whether their doctor is a member or attends ISHRS hair transplant congresses

In the AHT clinic, we deal with AHT hair transplantation using an advanced technique that is the least invasive and gives good and natural results. The AHT method was created by perfecting the FUE, and later the DHI method, following the latest technical achievements and trends in the field of hair transplantation.

The AHT team consists of certified and trained personnel, who have undergone a high degree of training in order to meet the highest global standards. The team is led by dr. Tanja Radenkov, winner of the award for the best medical practice in hair transplantation 2018 at Oxford and a member of the European Health Association and the Brussels Health Association.