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/ Hair transplantation is a solution for women as well

Hair transplantation is a solution for women as well

The problem of baldness is facing an increasing number of women today, and hair loss is almost a normal occurrence. At the very beginning, women notice an increased hair loss, followed by a decrease in the size of the hair diameter and the number of hairs in the affected area. The parting is further widened and the hair is thinned from the front edge of the scalp towards the nape of the neck.

If the problem is spotted in time, hair loss can be slowed down by using anti-hair loss products as well as those that will stimulate hair growth.

However, if you want to regain the hair you once had, a transplant is the only safe and permanent solution to hair loss. You can see the result of a successful hair transplant with the most modern AHT method in the photos below.

With this procedure, the patient's hair density was "restored".

In order for you to solve the baldness problem, you can schedule a consultative examination with a camera at our clinic. After the examination, the expert consultant assesses whether the donor region is large enough and whether it has sufficient density. This parameter is important so that the procedure itself would not aesthetically disturb the back or side of the head from where the follicles are removed.

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