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/ Hair transplantation on temples

Hair transplantation on temples


Thinning hair on the lashes is a problem that most often occurs in men, but it can also occur in women. Hair temples can occur as a result of various factors, and very often they occur due to age.


However, temples also occur in younger people. The cause of this phenomenon is genetics, stress, hormonal changes, as well as inadequate diet.


Experts from our clinic have solved the problem of hair loss on the frontal part of the head of another patient by applying the most modern AHT method of hair transplantation. Namely, our client underwent 1600 hair transplant treatment with the AHT method, which is the only one that uses the element to stabilize existing follicles and additional vitality for the survival of new follicles.


The beginning of hair loss is related to the withdrawal of the temples and we advise you that if you decide to have a hair transplant with the AHT method, do the transplant treatment partially, just as the hair thins. In this way, in addition to avoiding the psychological difficulties that many go through due to hair loss, you will have excellent results just like our patient in the picture.


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