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/ How to prevent hair loss?

How to prevent hair loss?


There are many products on the market that will supposedly help you solve the problem of hair loss. However, success in solving this problem does not have a large percentage of drugs and treatments. However, as the manufacturers of Simfort shampoo claim, their product solves baldness.


What is the composition of Simfort shampoo?


The most important ingredient in Simfort shampoo is carbonic acid, which is essentially carbon, oxygen and hydrogen. It is used for various purposes, and the most popular is the use for carbonated drinks. Also, products containing this acid can be used to clean items.


According to the company, hair loss, in 90% of men and women, is caused by hair follicles trapped in sebum plugs. What exactly is a sebum plug? A plug of sebum occurs as a consequence of a mixture of sebum and dirt, and due to its appearance, hair follicles cannot grow normally because they are clogged. According to their claims, we can conclude that hair loss very often causes "dirty" scalp. Is that right?


It is known that genetic hair loss occurs due to a genetic predisposition to baldness and DHT hormone. DHT has three times the affinity for androgen receptors present in hair follicles. The enzyme that converts testosterone to DHT is called 5-alpha-reductase and represents the last step in testosterone metabolism. DHT binds to androgen receptors on hair follicles and does two things - it shortens the life of hair follicles and reduces hair follicles. When DHT binds to these receptors, it gradually shrinks the hair follicle. After hair follicle regrowth, its growth phase shortens and becomes thinner. After a while, the hair thins first, and only then the loss.


From all of the above, hair loss caused by the appearance of sebum plugs is not true, because if it were, 100% of the homeless would certainly be bald.


Shampoos against hair loss can treat seborrheic dermatitis and dandruff, and not prevent baldness. The reason why some are effective in treating hair loss is the ingredient ketoconazole, which reduces the inflammation caused by the DHT hormone. And Simfort shampoo, which they claim is effective in solving the problem, does not contain ketoconazole, the only ingredient in the shampoo that could to some extent effectively treat genetic hair loss.


Therefore, we advise you not to spend money on the purchase of shampoo from any manufacturer who claims that hair loss is caused by anything other than genetics and DHT hormone. For hair regrowth in a completely bald area, the only permanent option is a hair transplant.


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