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/ No pain and no visible scars

No pain and no visible scars



Today, hair loss is a very common problem faced by both men and women. Prevention and treatment are extremely complex and the first results can be seen only after a few months, and the desired ones are achieved up to a year after the beginning of some of the therapies prescribed by your doctors.


In order to solve the problem of hair loss once and for all, but also in a short period of time, hair transplantation is recommended, which is the most efficient and fastest way to solve the aesthetic problem of hair loss or thinning. It has been proven that hair transplantation using the most modern AHT method gives the most natural results. The intervention itself lasts for several hours, it is not painful and without scars after the procedure.

Whether the hair loss is caused by genetics, age, or has occurred as a result of hormonal changes - AHT hair transplantation is an extremely effective solution to fully compensate for this loss. What sets the AHT method apart from others is the fact that the procedure, in addition to Bioelements, sometimes includes the use of colostrum and peptides that additionally react as growth hormone to newly implanted follicles. And that is why the AHT method today is the most effective method of hair transplantation of all the methods used.

In the photo, you can see another successful example of a doctor's hair transplant from our clinic.


Let the AHT method be your choice as well.