Prevent complete hair loss
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/ Prevent complete hair loss

Prevent complete hair loss


The question is often raised whether it is necessary to wait for complete hair loss in order to perform a transplant. The answer is no. The best time for intervention is the initial process of hair loss. The sooner you act, the better the outcome will be, and if you do it in time, you will not face complete hair loss.

Hair transplantation is almost painless and imperceptible, and thanks to the AHT method that leaves amazing results, you will hardly notice the difference between your natural and transplanted follicles. After the procedure, it is possible to get almost identical hair density as your natural one, but you should still be realistic in your expectations.

Factors to consider before hair transplant

The area of the thinned region solely determines the number of procedures needed to achieve a satisfactory result. When this area is extremely large, there is a possibility that you are not a candidate for the AHT procedure after all. Alternative options should then be considered.

Upon arrival at the polyclinic, the donor part is primarily assessed. If it is determined that the part is good enough, which means that a sufficient number of follicles can be extracted from it, then a plan and an offer are made. In many cases, only one treatment is sufficient, but it is also possible for the client to opt for two or more procedures.

Hair transplantation is not something you should skimp on and what you invest is definitely not in vain, considering that it is a lifetime investment. Considering that AHT is the most modern and effective method of hair transplantation, our price follows the quality of the treatment.

Postoperative hair transplant process - quick and easy

The postoperative process of hair transplantation takes only a few days. We give each patient detailed instructions that should be followed until the follicle becomes stable, and after that there is no special care for newly implanted follicles. In the first three days, the most important thing is to keep the skin moist. Therefore, a saline solution is used, which is sprayed every hour in the winter, and every 30 minutes in the summer, except when you are sleeping. After that, you need to follow the instructions for washing your hair that you receive from us.

Immediately the day after the intervention, you will be able to return to work and daily life. If, however, your work requires physical exertion, then it would be better to stay away and follow our instructions.

Instruments used in the AHT procedure are discarded immediately after use, so infections are impossible. Sometimes, but very rarely, it is possible to have swelling on the forehead caused by the local anesthetic, which lasts only three to four days after the hair transplant intervention. In this case, the pain is not present, and one way to reduce the swelling is to massage the forehead from the central part to the sides.

There is a chance that the newly planted hairs will begin to fall out within 4 to 8 weeks after the intervention. Don't let this scare you as it is an expected stage in the growth process. The full effect will be seen between 8 and 12 months after the intervention.