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/ See what MC Stojan looks like after the transplant

See what MC Stojan looks like after the transplant


The beard is a trademark of many men and in recent years it has become a particularly popular part of styling, for both younger and older men. Therefore, beard hair transplantation has become a real trend in the world, but also in our country. This procedure gives men a thicker beard and more volume, and certainly makes them more masculine.


In order to always be in step with the latest trends, our AHT team, which consists of trained, certified experts with a high standard in the latest techniques, in addition to hair transplants, also successfully performs hair transplants on the chin and chest. Our experts have undergone a high level of training in order to meet the highest standard and ensure a quality result. And how professional we really are is shown by the numerous clients who left our clinic more than satisfied.



Marko Stojković, better known as MC Stojan, who is currently one of the most popular performers in the Balkans, also faced the problem of thinning beard. Since he first appeared on the stage, MC Stojan has totally changed his image, and in addition to the wardrobe that not everyone can wear, his trademark is his beard.However, even with MC Stojan, so far not everything has been exactly as it looks on small screens. Namely, on the recommendation, he came to our clinic to look for a solution to his problem of thinning beard.



MC Stojan showed confidence in our doctors and after examinations and consultations, he underwent beard transplant treatment using the most modern AHT method. AHT beard transplantation is a painless procedure that provided our client with natural results and, most importantly, without pain and visible scars.