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/ The AHT method solves the problem of baldness

The AHT method solves the problem of baldness



Many years of experience and results of our patients are what sets us apart from others. We can proudly say that we are the only polyclinic in Serbia and the region that has registered the method of hair transplantation in the Ministry of Health and which has a license to hold seminars, teaches other doctors about hair transplantation.


When transplanting hair, our doctors apply the most modern AHT method, which since 2015 offers a number of advantages over other methods. The AHT method applies HEX punch which is currently the biggest innovation in hair transplantation.


In standard hair transplant procedures, it takes 3-4 months for the hair to start growing again, however, using the AHT method, a large number of follicles do not experience a "shock" effect and the patient does not have to wait for the regrowth cycle. grows immediately.


This is confirmed by a photo showing the results of our patient to whom we transplanted 3500 hair with the AHT method. Before coming to our clinic, the client was thinking about going to Turkey to have his hair transplanted. However, based on the recommendations and experiences of the people who performed the procedure with us, he decided to come first for consultations with our doctors. After a few days, he decided to have a hair transplant using the AHT method.


"I am overjoyed that I gave up going to Turkey. I got a result from you that exceeded all my expectations. Thank you. The procedure is painless and I do not have any scars. All praise for the whole team."

Let AHT be your choice too!