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/ What is androgenic alopecia?

What is androgenic alopecia?


Alopecia is present in every other man up to the age of 50!

The first signs of androgenic alopecia usually appear earlier. In every other man up to the age of 50, and in women up to the age of 60.
Androgenic alopecia is thinning hair, gradual, declining until complete baldness. Male sex hormone is the most common cause of alopecia in men.


Why is alopecia more pronounced in men?


Hair loss in men progresses much differently than in women. In men, the scalp begins to thin on both sides of the forehead and above the head. These two areas get closer over time and eventually complete baldness can occur. Stages of hair loss:




1. There are no symptoms of hair loss
2. Pulling the hairline towards the temple
3. Frontal withdrawal
4. Central temporal hair pull
5. Pulling towards the forehead, weaker
6. Loss at the top of the skull, mediocre
7. Progressive loss of the vertex and areas of the temples
8. Complete hair loss




Female baldness means thinning the hair in the middle of the scalp, while on both sides of the forehead the hair remains undiluted.
Androgenic alopecia can also occur due to taking medication, past infection, surgery, post-operative conditions, thyroid disorders, pregnancy and childbirth, but also contraceptive pills.


If hair falls out due to stress, this period can be from two to four months. Hair loss due to stress does not turn into complete hair loss. Hair falls out more strongly during the period of chemotherapy, but it is only a temporary condition and lasts for 1 year, while in most patients the decline stops after the cessation of chemotherapy.


Why solve the problem of hair loss if it is a hereditary factor?


Appearance is an important factor in most people and this problem mostly affects children and teenagers. Hair loss, alopecia, has aesthetic and psychological effects on people, which manifest in different ways.