When is the right time for a hair transplant?
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/ When is the right time for a hair transplant?

When is the right time for a hair transplant?



Hair loss is an aesthetic problem that affects a large number of men and women. Hair transplantation is often suggested as a logical solution, but many patients have a dilemma when the time is right for this procedure. In order to give you an answer to this question, several important factors need to be taken into account.


Factors influencing the decision to transplant

The right time for a hair transplant depends on the patient's individual needs and goals. However, there are some factors that are usually considered when deciding on a hair transplant:

• Age: Hair transplantation is usually recommended for people over the age of 25, as this is the age when the effects of hair loss begin to be felt. However, if hair loss occurs earlier, hair transplantation may be an option for younger individuals as well.
• Type of alopecia: Hair transplantation is the most effective solution for androgenic hair loss, which is caused by hormonal changes. However, in some cases, such as alopecia areata or universalis, hair transplantation may be less effective.
• Hair density: Hair transplantation is the best option for people with thick enough hair in the lower part of the head to transfer hair follicles. If there is not enough thick hair to transfer, other hair loss treatments may be a better option.
• Degree of progression of alopecia: You should decide on a hair transplant procedure when the process is in the initial phase, that is, before there is more hair loss. With more hair loss, the degree of acceptance of transplanted follicles decreases. Generally, only one intervention is sufficient, while in cases where hair loss continues, the intervention can be repeated.

Since hair transplantation is a medical procedure, it is important that you take into account as many of the factors we have mentioned as possible, and an expert in this field will help you the most. If you need to decide on a hair transplant, it is necessary to consult with your doctor when the time is right for this procedure.