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/ Why choose the AHT method?

Why choose the AHT method?

Hair transplantation is not a taboo and today many men, but also women, decide on this procedure. Namely, it is known that hair loss, in addition to disturbed aesthetics, can also lead to psychological instability of the personality. In order to solve this problem as soon as possible, people are increasingly deciding to have a hair transplant.

At our clinic in Belgrade, hair transplantation is done with the most modern AHT method. Our great advantage is that the AHT method, which is completely painless and without visible scars after the procedure, involves the use of Bioelements that additionally stabilize and stimulate the follicle.

Our vision is to provide our clients with the highest quality services with a professional team of doctors and friendly staff. The doors of our clinic are open to patients from all over the world, and years ago, satisfied foreign citizens came out of us. (link to a patient from America)

Thanks to the experience of our doctors, another satisfied client came out of Molerova 3 in Belgrade and had a problem with hair loss in the frontal part. The frontal line of the hair is crucial for a youthful appearance, and the thinning of the frontal part and the pulling of the front line come with age and leave the impression of sudden aging. In order to solve this problem, our client underwent 3000 hair transplant treatment in our country at the polyclinic, which is the only one in Serbia and the region that registered the method of hair transplantation in the Ministry of Health.


Our goal is satisfied customers.


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