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/ AHT method against temples baldness

AHT method against temples baldness


Our AHT team of experts once again showed why we are number one in Serbia and the region. After the examination and consultation, the client successfully solved the problem of temples. From the donor region, in this case it is the back part of the head, individual hair follicles were transplanted.


After the transplant treatment, the patient did not have any swelling or scarring. This is exactly what puts the AHT method in the first place - hair transplantation without pain, scars and swelling.


"Thanks to the expert team from the clinic. I finally solved the problem of valves that has been bothering me for years. Be sure to recommend your clinic to everyone who is facing the same problem. You are the best."


Positive comments from both the patient in the picture and the previous ones who did a hair transplant at our clinic are our greatest success. A recommendation from a satisfied client is the best advertisement.


Let the AHT method be your choice as well.


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