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/ Can Covid-19 cause hair loss?

Can Covid-19 cause hair loss?



Temperature, malaise, loss of sense of smell and taste, fever…. These are all common symptoms of the Covid-19 virus. A few months after a high fever or recovery from illness, many people notice hair loss.


Although many people consider this to be hair loss, it is actually a diffuse hair loss that occurs when more hair at the same time than normal enters the phase of hair growth life cycle shedding.


Most people who have had the corona virus notice hair loss two to three months after a fever or illness. Then you can notice a handful of hair when you take a shower or comb. This condition can last for six to nine months before it stops and when most people see that their hair looks normal again and stops falling out.


Stress can cause temporary hair loss


Even if you have never had symptoms of coronavirus or have not had COVID-19, you may still see your hair fall out. Emotional stress can also cause you to lose more hair than normal. But who is not stressed and anxious during a pandemic today?

And in this case, hair loss occurs two to three months after the onset of stress. Although your hair falls out in large quantities, it is important to try to get rid of stress. Only when the stress stops will the excessive loss stop.


The hair returns to normal on its own


When the cause of hair loss is fever, illness or stress, the hair itself returns to normal. He just needs to be given time. As your hair grows back, you will notice short hairs of the same length along the hairline. Most people see their hair return to normal fullness within six to nine months.

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