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/ Hair transplantation without haircuts

Hair transplantation without haircuts



Hair transplantation is a treatment in which hair from the donor region is transplanted to the area where the hair is missing. According to the experience so far, we can conclude that in men it is most often the valves, and lately the procedures of hair transplantation on the chin have become more frequent.


Experts at our clinic recently did a hair transplant but without a haircut. Namely, the patient's hair was transplanted from the donor region to the frontal part of the head, but without a previous haircut. A special instrument is passed around the follicle and the skin is released without damaging it. In this way, the follicles are removed without hindrance and implanted in the frontal region where the hair is thinned. This method of hair transplantation is twice as fast as the hair follicle removal phase.




The patient from the photo contacted us recently with the desire to permanently solve the problem of baldness. The photos show the whole process - before the transplant, immediately after the intervention and after complete recovery.


"The clinic in Belgrade is well equipped, all the staff is very pleasant and extremely professional. The doctor who did the intervention is professional and expert. The result I got is amazing," our patient commented from the photo.



Only satisfied patients leave our clinic. You can read some of the impressions HERE, and see the gallery with photos Before and After the intervention HERE.