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Modern hair transplantation method - blog


Hair transplantation without haircuts

AHT hair transplantation


Hair transplantation is a treatment in which hair from the donor region is transplanted to the area where the hair is missing. According to the experience so far, we can conclude that in men it is most often the valves, and lately the procedures of hair transplantation on the chin have become more frequent.


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Hair transplantation in the frontal hairline

Hair transplantation in Serbia


For the last year and a half, we have been facing a pandemic of the Covid 19 virus, which has been shown to cause hair loss after suffering from the disease. There are certain lotions, shampoos and medications on the market that can slow down hair loss, but not solve the problem of baldness.



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Hair care for men

Tips for better quality hair


Everyone says it's easy for men with short hair - wash, dry and that's it. However, this claim is completely wrong because everyone's skin, hair, scalp, require certain care. Read the basics of washing, drying and styling your hair below.



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Top 5 autumn masks

Make your own hair care products


Autumn has arrived, and soon many women, but also men, will face the problem of excessive hair loss. It is known that autumn hair loss is a very common occurrence and most often occurs as a consequence of increased sun exposure during the summer days. 

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No pain and no visible scars

The AHT method gives the best results


Today, hair loss is a very common problem faced by both men and women. Prevention and treatment are extremely complex and the first results can be seen only after a few months, and the desired ones are achieved up to a year after the beginning of some of the therapies prescribed by your doctors.


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How to prevent hair loss?

How effective is shampoo in solving the problem of hair loss


There are many products on the market that will supposedly help you solve the problem of hair loss. However, success in solving this problem does not have a large percentage of drugs and treatments. However, as the manufacturers of Simfort shampoo claim, their product solves baldness.


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AHT method against temples baldness

Hair transplantation in men


Our AHT team of experts once again showed why we are number one in Serbia and the region. After the examination and consultation, the client successfully solved the problem of temples. From the donor region, in this case it is the back part of the head, individual hair follicles were transplanted. 


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Another football player cut his hair

An athlete who behaves unprofessionally


Do you remember Shaciri, the one who became famous when he celebrated the goal by crossing his arms during the match with Serbia at the World Cup in Russia in 2018, symbolizing Greater Albania?



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Temples are an increasingly common problem

AHT hair transplantation is the only permanent solution


Hair loss is a problem faced by a large number of men and most often the onset of hair loss is associated with pulling the flaps or in the so-called "crown". Temples are an increasingly common problem today and, according to some unwritten rule, occur in middle age.


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The AHT method solves the problem of baldness

Successfully transplanted 3500 hair


Many years of experience and results of our patients are what sets us apart from others. We can proudly say that we are the only polyclinic in Serbia and the region that has registered the method of hair transplantation in the Ministry of Health and which has a license to hold seminars, teaches other doctors about hair transplantation.

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