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Modern hair transplantation method - blog


Can Covid-19 cause hair loss?

The consequences of the corona virus


Temperature, malaise, loss of sense of smell and taste, fever…. These are all common symptoms of the Covid-19 virus. A few months after a high fever or recovery from illness, many people notice hair loss. Although many people consider this to be hair loss, it is actually a diffuse hair loss that occurs when more hair at the same time than normal enters the phase of hair growth life cycle shedding.



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Why do diabetics lose their hair?

Elevated blood sugar levels negatively affect the hair


Hair loss can be caused by a variety of factors. One of the very common causes of hair loss is a hormonal disorder caused by diabetes. Diabetes often causes hair loss because elevated blood sugar levels negatively affect the blood supply to the scalp and therefore the follicle does not receive enough nutrients


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Hair transplantation is a solution for women as well


Solve the problem of hair loss

The problem of baldness is facing an increasing number of women today, and hair loss is almost a normal occurrence. At the very beginning, women notice an increased hair loss, followed by a decrease in the size of the hair diameter and the number of hairs in the affected area. The parting is further widened and the hair is thinned from the front edge of the scalp towards the nape...

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Why choose the AHT method?


Satisfied patients come out of our clinic


Hair transplantation is not a taboo and today many men, but also women, decide on this procedure. Namely, it is known that hair loss, in addition to disturbed aesthetics, can also lead to psychological instability of the personality. In order to solve this problem as soon as possible, people are increasingly deciding to have a hair transplant.


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The best natural masks against hair loss

Prevent hair loss


Whether you already have a problem with hair loss or want to prevent a problem from occurring, hair care requires a little more time than just washing.
For beautiful and healthy hair, in addition to shampooing, you should also include the use of hair masks that, thanks to their properties, penetrate the hair enough, improve its quality and prevent hair loss.


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Another satisfied patient from the AHT clinic


AHT hair transplantation


Another satisfied patient from the AHT clinic That hair transplantation by the AHT method is a completely painless procedure and that after the intervention, when the effect of the local anesthetic stops, there are no swellings, are shown by the pictures of our satisfied clients.


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Trichotillomania or how people leave themselves hairless?!


Trichotillomania or how people leave themselves hairless!


Did you know that there are people who pull their own hair? And to the extent that they are left completely without it? Or at least only partially, but it seems very uncomfortable. This phenomenon, or disorder, is called trichotillomania. 
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Cicatricial alopecia and how to cure it?


By transplanting against scars on the scalp!


Sometimes Mother Nature is not to blame for hair loss on some parts of your scalp. Sometimes, it's just the scars that are to blame. This type of baldness is called scar baldness or professionally, cicatricial alopecia, and the name is derived from the Latin word cicatix - scar.

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Traction baldness or traction alopecia


Don’t be violent towards your hair!

Do you notice that you lose your hair and "do nothing special" with it? Even "you are neither a man nor a woman of your age", and yet your hair is thinning? It is possible that you are too violent towards it. You have traction or traction alopecia that is caused by tightening it too much. If you have a particularly tightly tied or narrow ponytail.

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Model Vuk Vukićević underwent the AHT hair transplant method!


AHT gives perfect results!


Well-known Serbian model Vuk Vukićević, faced with the problems of hair loss, decided to turn to the clinic in Belgrade for help and to undergo an AHT hair transplant operation under the guidance of an experienced doctor Tanja Radenkov. He said after the procedure: “I thank the entire staff of the AHT team.”

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